Saturday, December 20, 2014


Hey, what's this thing here with my name on it?  It's vaguely familiar.

A blog, you say?  Wait ... I have a blog?  I almost forgot! 

Well, hello. 

I make no promises at this point about 30 days of posts or even two days of posts.  I'm seriously just here checking in ... do I even have people still checking this blog anymore?

If you don't check it any longer, don't feel bad.  I don't either.  At least not with any kind of regularity.

Anyway, it's just five days until Christmas and I was having trouble sleeping as I think about all it means for our family, so I thought I'd just take a peek and say hello to anyone still paying attention. 

This was nice.  Easy.

Maybe I'll visit again on another day.  Maybe I'll even think of something to write.  Who knows?!

Be blessed.  Merry Christmas. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

In No Particular Order, 31 in 31 - Day 5
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Thirty-one Words I Love to Use to Describe God

1.  Holy.

2.  Love.

3.  Grace.

4.  Power.

5.  Mercy.

6.  Shepherd.

7.  Father.

8.  Trustworthy.

9.  Perfect.

10. Sovereign.

11. Creator.

12. Giver.

13. Lord.

14. Omniscient.

15. Omnipotent.

16. Omnipresent.

17. Strength.

18. Glory.

19. Healer.

20. Friend.

21. King.

22. Compassion.

23. Jesus.

24. Spirit.

25. Light.

26. Way.

27. Truth.

28. Life.

29. Faithful.

30. Rock.

31. Necessary.

I could go on and on about my Lord and Savior.  He is my everything.  Everything else is just blessing poured out on me through Him.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

In No Particular Order, 31 in 31 - Day 4

Thirty-one Health and Development Issues in Our Family

Regardless, of the challenges our family faces, this is our family. So while the diagnoses and labels help us research and help us to connect with others dealing with the same kinds of things, around home, we are working towards less labeling and more just loving each other for who we are - both the troubling and the blessing in each person's personality and our humanness. For the record, it's not the easiest to do when so many of us are "special needs."  I'm including myself in that category!  So I'm listing our current issues here - there have been others in the past that we have grown past or been healed by Jesus and probably others that we'll face in years to come. One day at a time, right? And lots and lots of grace. 

1.  Asthma.

2.  Seasonal Allergies. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

In No Particular Order, 31 in 31 - Day 3

Thirty-one Trips Since 2003

I've tried to share some of our travels in the past 11 years (Enter the Kids years) by way of photographs instead of just words.  The photographs aren't necessarily the best photos from our trips (some of them are), but they were significant in my mind to represent the trip.  I tried also to keep captions short.  It was really difficult to narrow down all of our trips to just 31!  We have gone so many places -- we are so blessed!  Anyway, here's a sampling of one of our family joys...

1. January 2003 - From New Hampshire to Coastal Maine.  This was just C and I.  This was about a year after we were licensed to adopt and just before the foster care department called us up and asked if we would consider foster parenting while we waited for our adoptive placement.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

In No Particular Order, 31 in 31 - Day 2
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Thirty-one Interests of Mine

1.  Faith.

2.  Family.

3.  Body of Christ.

4.  Writing.

5.  Photo-journaling.

6.  Photography.

7.  Genealogy.

8.  Reading.

9.  Travel.

10. Adventure.

11. Shopping.

12. Homeschool preparation.

13. Books.

14. Technology.

15. Organization.

16. Community activites.

17. Church service.

18. Singing.

19. Dancing.

20. Creativity.

21. Dating (my husband).

22. Beaches.

23. Photo book creation.

24. Praying.

25. Giraffes.

26. Joy!

27. Food.

28. Praise music.

29. Quiet time.

30. Trees.

31. Nature.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In No Particular Order, 31 in 31 - Day 1

Happy October! I realize I've been away awhile, but this month I'm challenging myself to do 31 posts in 31 days and hopefully reestablish some kind of more regular blogging habit.  I miss this!  Anyway, I've decided that for the month of October, I'm going to do one of my favorite things: make lists.  The lists will cover a variety of topics and all information contained within will be listed in no particular order of significance or importance.  The lists themselves will also be posted in no particular order of significance - though there are a few lists that might require being posted on a particular date for whatever reason I deem necessary. Click the title-picture above to get a list of all my 31 in 31 posts.

Let's get started on Day 1.

Friday, June 6, 2014

A House

We had no idea it would happen this quickly, and yet, I am not at all surprised. In all of our big moves, God has been the director, the provider and the orchestrator and in His hands things seem to flow effortlessly into place.

It is not that we have been without struggle or hard labor in the process, but that each new phase of the move sort of shows up before we expect it. 

Imagine you are traveling someplace familiar: to a relatives home, perhaps. You have travelled to visit this loved one on several occasions and you've pretty much memorized the route and the time it will take you to travel this route. But the turns you know are coming along the way get there moments before you expect them and the roads are a bit less bumpy or crowded...this is the way this move process has gone so far. We have a perception of steps and time this journey will take, but things come to fruition before we even consider worrying about them. 

The hardest parts are all being covered for us by God's power and grace. What a ride this has been!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1

Today is June 1. For many, this date may not seem like much. For me, this date has now become synonymous with new chapters in my life - or collectively, new chapters in the life of our family.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Update on the Move and Things

I was reminded today by a friend in our church family, that some people actually do like reading my posts if I could just keep up with doing them.  I do ENJOY doing them, but I am just not good at posting a quick little thing for each day, so then I have these huge chunks in time where I say nothing at all (except what I put on Instagram).  Then I bombard you with an epic tale of our lives lately.

Well, something is better than nothing.  While I'm in this season of sporadic blogging, feel free to parcel out sections of my longer posts into daily portions.  I'll never know.

So an amazing thing happened after our trip to Texas in April: that meet and greet turned job interview C had, was turned into a job offer just a couple days after we got back to New Mexico.  The following Monday, in fact.

I had prayed throughout our trip that God would line up open doors (WIDE OPEN) and close doors on all the extra "maybe" paths we had going on in our minds.  This job offer was one of the ways the Lord revealed His plan for us.  We would have been fools to pray so boldly for open doors and closed doors and then take all He showed us and go another way.  So we did our due diligence in praying about the offer and discussing details, but we knew fairly quickly that we would accept.

C starts work on June 2.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Road Trip: Texas, Day 10

Day 10


Ripped from our beds while it was still dark by screaming fire alarms throughout the building. 

I grabbed our room key and my phone (but not our car keys) and went out of our room to find our kids covering their ears and still in their beds. 

I stayed calm and said, "Alright kids, let's go."

J grabbed her flip-flops and headed towards the door, O wondered what was going on, H and Z doubted the validity of the alarm and asked why we had to go outside. 

In response, I asked them, "Where's Daddy?"

Some organization we have! No one had any natural sense of danger while fire alarms are blaring all around us. 

J was obedient to my instructions, but the three boys took the "Question everything," to mean, "Question Mama about everything." And C had gone to the front desk to find out what was going on. 

We used to practice fire drills when kids were little, but it's probably time to reinstitute some kind of plan in these situations. 

We walked outside and waited by our Sequoia, C joined us soon after, with news that it was a prank. 

The air was already warm. We could not hear the alarms outside, so it was quiet and dark. Better to be there than in the room with alarms blaring. So we waited until they were shut down. 

On the bright side, we were up early for the drive home. 


Car loaded. Breakfast had. On the road. I'm driving. (I typed this note before I was actually driving.)