Sunday, May 25, 2014

Update on the Move and Things

I was reminded today by a friend in our church family, that some people actually do like reading my posts if I could just keep up with doing them.  I do ENJOY doing them, but I am just not good at posting a quick little thing for each day, so then I have these huge chunks in time where I say nothing at all (except what I put on Instagram).  Then I bombard you with an epic tale of our lives lately.

Well, something is better than nothing.  While I'm in this season of sporadic blogging, feel free to parcel out sections of my longer posts into daily portions.  I'll never know.

So an amazing thing happened after our trip to Texas in April: that meet and greet turned job interview C had, was turned into a job offer just a couple days after we got back to New Mexico.  The following Monday, in fact.

I had prayed throughout our trip that God would line up open doors (WIDE OPEN) and close doors on all the extra "maybe" paths we had going on in our minds.  This job offer was one of the ways the Lord revealed His plan for us.  We would have been fools to pray so boldly for open doors and closed doors and then take all He showed us and go another way.  So we did our due diligence in praying about the offer and discussing details, but we knew fairly quickly that we would accept.

C starts work on June 2.