Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vocabulary Lessons

Believe it or not, this is another post about our Florida trip.  It's just one of those things we had fun following during our vacation.

Our middle son, Z, loves to try working new vocabulary words into his conversations.  But he takes after me in that he often misuses the words or even mispronounces them.  Sometimes the mix-ups are funny and so I tracked some of them during the trip for later recollection.

In one conversation, he asked if being shot by a canyon would kill you.

After hearing C and I discussing the cost of toll roads and bridges on the trip, he was explaining to his younger siblings what those are.  He said, "And you know why they call the money we pay the people 'trolls'? It's because it's like crossing over troll bridges, like in stories."

While talking about how he should ask permission to do certain things instead of just assuming it's fine, he said to me, "I have a bad have-it of not asking.  I have-it, so it's hard to remember to ask."  Bad have-its are hard to break.


And this story doesn't necessarily go with the theme from above, but I thought I'd include it here:

We were driving past Macon State Prison in Georgia when Z suddenly wondered if the inmates had cars there in the parking lot.  He said, "Because when they escape, no one helps bad guys."

I explained that hopefully they wouldn't try to escape, but that even "bad guys" have families who love them and who would pick them up from prison when their time is done.  Then I added, "But if you go to prison, and try to escape, I won't pick you up.  That's because I love you.  If you make a mistake, you need to pay the consequence."

Our daughter, J, piped in, "Well, my boyfriend will probably pick me up if I escape."

Her brain works in the funniest ways -- there were so many hypotheticals in that situation, none of us knew how to respond except to laugh.

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