Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Moments

Amidst the hot of our house and the busy of our days, I've been making a point to catalog some particularly happy moments to share with you here:

1. A ride with our daughter, J, last night on our way to pick up kids from youth group.  She was super chatty and in all the right ways.  She commented on life happenings, had some good questions to start conversations and observed the world around her the whole way.  It was loads of fun even though the ride for just two of us was only about ten minutes.  She put me in just the right mood.

2. A baby shower I'm planning (with a couple other ladies) for a relative of ours is coming up fast.  We have 40 RSVPs already, which is an answer to prayers of mine to help this mother-to-be-again feel especially loved.  This has been a difficult pregnancy for her and I just want everything to be really, really special.

3. Spotting a pretty lizard running through our garage (and later, our yard) and climbing stacks of books.  The thought of the strange juxtaposition made me laugh a little.

4. Seeing a Cottontail (bunny!!) in our backyard, eating fallen apples from our tree.  They hop all over the neighborhood, but usually skip our backyard because of our dog ... but she was inside and the apples must have smelled especially fragrant in the sunshine.  Worth taking a chance on anyway.

5. As I continue organizing my desk in time for our next school year to start, I came across a letter from our teen daughter and I reread it and felt all gooey-sweet inside towards her.  I'll type it here so you can understand why it made my happy list!

Dear Mama,

1. I love the way you are willingly there to help me with stupid things.
2. I love it when you are hard on me, when I need it!
3. I love it when you give me hugs when I've had a bad day.
4. You always surprise me with things from stores or even from you from when you were younger.
5. You are always there to talk to me when I need it.
6. You always know when something is wrong with me.
7. I love it when you make me laugh and try to cheer me up.
8. I love you when you teach me things over and over again.
9. You are always there for me, when I need you.
10. I love ... YOU.

Love, S

P.S. I love it that she's learning to be a list maker like her old Mama.  Oh, happy day!  I am rubbing off on our kids.


  1. Nice list! :)

    Question: do you ask S for permission to post notes like that to the public or not? I only ask because of a recent discussion I was reading about kids privacy, so I'm wondering your take on it.

  2. Hmm. No, but I figure A) she gave it to me, so it's mine to do with what I want, B) it's nothing negative or super embarrassing and C) I never used her name, but did credit the written work to her and didn't claim it as something I wrote.

    Did I cover my bases or am I violating her privacy?

  3. Kids get privacy? The only privacy they need in this house is to change, use the bathroom or have a discussion with mom or dad that they don't want siblings or others to hear. Other than that, they're kids and still in need of guidance. Kids with privacy are kids who are hiding something...and nothing good comes of that. Just the fact that she wrote that shows that she trusts you and knows you won't do anything to harm her. Also shows that she knows you'll invade her 'privacy' when you need to. That's what makes a good mommy! :)

  4. :) Exciting about the bunny!