Friday, August 2, 2013

7 in 7: Day 5

It's 11:25pm and I just remembered I forgot to post today!  I was busy working on the homeschool room for the most part and my desk was covered with sorted piles. So here I am with my iPad, in bed, not giving up on this week's goal.

This weekend is exciting, as we celebrate seven years since we adopted S, H and Z tomorrow, and six years since we adopted J today. Those days -- spent in the courtroom in Manchester, NH -- are some of the most memorable of my life.  If you want to swing by my sister's blog, she has a photo of J signing her official adoption certificate.

My Instagram account is going nuts. I have over 170 followers (a little more than this blog) and besides family members and close personal friends, most of my followers are other moms.  Many of those moms are Christian and/or homeschooling their children. Some of those have also adopted a child or children.

You see, my vision for Mama Flock is being realized. Here at the blog, I'd say the demographic of my followers varies widely, with a good chunk of you who don't homeschool or even have children!  And that's cool. Maybe you just like our family and want to know the haps over here. But the reason I called this blog Mama Flock at all is truthfully about that little bit of text up on the right there. I wanted to find a place where mothers could flock together and encourage one another.

Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of that.

But through Instagram, that vision has been restored and realized. I'm making some good friends all over the world. I'm watching their families grow and learn through pictures and comment. I know it's just another form of social media, but it actually is giving me more opportunity to connect and encourage other moms out there and visa versa. It's a lot of fun, too.

So no worries, I'm not ditching the blog. I just wanted to tell you what a blessing Instagram has been in my life. In fact, for now, it's pretty much the only contact method we have for talking with our S. She has an account, too.

Yesterday marked two months since I've seen her and hugged her and I miss her every day. But it's good to know that occasionally I can check my Instagram account and find she's uploaded a picture of herself or liked some of my pictures. It's a gift when this happens because I know she's alive and has Internet access (and therefore has freedoms).  I want for more, but that's in God's timing.

Anyway, not sure how this all flows together. It's late and I'm tired, so I hope you'll extend some grace for this lackluster post. Have a good night, everybody.


  1. I live you blog R and all your sheep! I remeber that court room when the first ones were adopted...remeber we were camping at Moosehilllock cping with our wonderful campin buddies...I miss those days but will always cherish them. Love your blog and love you guys!

  2. We still talk about those camping trips, Hope Rising! The kids bring it up all the time! :) (Your comment gave me a good laugh, by the way, I figure you must be commenting on your phone. Ha!)

  3. I did see the Instagram post about the anniversary. Sorry I hadn't remembered the date myself. I hope you had a good day.

    Love, Mom