Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In The Beginning: 2014

Here we are in a new year and I have yet to stop by my own blog to say anything.  Hmm.  I don't get it either.

As usual, I'm living it up over on Instagram.  I'm involved with a great photo challenge this month as part of the #knittogetherbyadoption "group."  It's been really challenging me to readdress some of the things I've learned over the years through our adoption journey and giving me a lot of material to write about.  If it wasn't an Instagram challenge, I'd probably make better use of my blog space writing it out here.  Anyway, if you click the square camera button on the right, you can check out some of those posts if you're in the mood for reading more about our adoption experiences.

J and I started this year off with a virus.  It spread to others in the family, but so far, we're the only two who got it the worst and are hanging onto it forever apparently. 

I picked my "one word," to encapsulate my goals for 2014 and so far, this sickness has worn me down too much to really focus on that one word.  My word is ROMANCE.  I don't mean it in the way the dictionary describes it (except maybe a little with my husband), I mean it in the way people who are swept up in a romance just put their energy and their all into the other person.  I want to stop doing things halfheartedly, lazily and really let my God and the people I love know that they are special and important to me.  I was inspired by the song Divine Romance. (Watch the lyric video below.)

But I'm not giving up!  In small ways, I'm trying to be a better listener and a better encourager even if my energy is all drained for the moment.

We took a trip to Arizona to see our friends, but the air quality was bad and all of us were getting sicker with each hour we spent there.  So sadly, that trip was cut short and we headed home. 

Soon we'll be heading to California for an unexpected trip.  C's grandfather is hospitalized as I write this and could be facing some really difficult challenges in the road ahead.  Please join me in praying for him.  He's one of my favorites and has always treated me with such kindness and love that I fully believe he regards me as one of his own grandchildren.  Anyway, we are going to visit with him, but also to be some help to the rest of the family for a short time. 

C and I both feel like there are some big/good changes ahead for 2014 and we're ready to embrace whatever plans God has for us.  We are waiting and listening and anxious to know how to proceed, but doing our best to be patient in the meantime. 

I have more to write about, but we'll save some for another day.  I love you, my readers.  Goodnight.


  1. Sweet....loving your adoption posts. Praying for C's grandfather and your trip! Love from NH

  2. Of course you know I've been following you on IG. I really appreciate and enjoy reading the stories of how each child came to be with you and/or details regarding their challenges.

    I love you! I don't know how YOU do it!