Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Advice

A friend of mine (another mother) sent me this video today and maybe it's one you've seen already.  But it offered a lot of good advice to moms and was put together in a way that is both touching and relevant.  I wanted to share it here with you.  Turn up the volume and enjoy the video and the music.

As if this is not enough for one post, I feel the need to squeeze in a link for one of the most amazing moms I've ever heard mentoring other parents (and me).  We attended her sessions at a homeschool conference not too long ago and while some of what she teaches is relevant for homeschooling, all of what she teaches is relevant for parenting our children well.

Her name is Renee Ellison.  She is the most petite, fragile looking lady I think I've ever met.  But by the time we left her first session, even my husband, who is a strong, sizable guy, was afraid to cross her -- in a dark alley, or anywhere.  She is one tough cookie, but still gentle and loving.  There is something about her that just commands respect.  I never attended Catholic school, but I've heard the tales about nuns and their knuckle-whacking with rulers and something tells me, Mrs. Ellison has taken a lesson or two from one of them.

Anyway, she runs her own blog with terrific ideas and advice for mothers (or fathers) and homeschoolers alike.  If you have ever dealt with any kind of difficult behavioral issues -- and if you're a mom, chances are good that you have -- then see what she has to say on the subject.  She has many resources available for sale as well (inexpensive, I might add) and they are all treasures in a mother's hands.

You might want to start by visiting a link to her Motherhood Tips just for a taste of her style to see if it is for you.  One thing to remember as you continue through the season of motherhood is that there is no one all-inclusive how-to book (or blog) about parenting your specific children.  If there is, you probably wrote it yourself and there are several proofreaders marks and edits along the way.  The thing is to gather information from a variety of reputable sources and glean what you need from them, verify that the information is in line with Scripture and continue talking to other moms and practicing on your children.

Rest assured that by the time your kids are grown and have left the nest, you'll be an expert!  God does have a fabulous sense of humor, doesn't He?  Then you'll be prepared to take on the next season of life ... mother of adult children and ... grandmotherhood?  I hear that season of life is truly grand.  Then again, motherhood is pretty cool, too, so I'm in no big hurry.


  1. That video is amazing - thank you so much for posting it - will be sharing it with a few others