Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank You, USPS

I know that the US Postal Service takes a lot of heat for stuff over the past decade or so and phrases have been created based on a handful of postal workers, i.e., "going postal," but I, personally, have never had an extremely difficult situation with regards to the post office.

Today, when I dropped into our local post office, I was once again astounded with the speedy and polite service the employees at the counter are able to offer to each hurried person in line.  They work quickly and yet, I don't feel like they are rushing me.  They work quickly and yet, I don't feel like they skimp on pleasantries in the process of doing business.  Our local postal employees keep smiling even during the busiest season and I, for one, really appreciate that.

I think about the kinds of difficulties they must encounter in a day and they just don't show any frustration or annoyance.  Today, I finally made it to the counter (finally because the line was out the door, not because they weren't working quickly) and I was treated like it was a Tuesday morning in July -- no hurries and yet, somehow, my whole time at the counter was under three minutes.  I wished my postal worker a Merry Christmas, which she gladly returned the greeting and then I made sure to thank her for her cheerfulness amidst a busy season.

She smiled and said, "Why thank you, Dear ... and same to you."

If only my fellow Christmas shoppers could learn a lesson from the USPS and stop ramming my cart because I pause for a moment to evaluate product and price differences.  Sigh.

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  1. The postal workers must be better in NM. I'm sorry to say that my experiance at the post office is not usually that pleasant. I'm finding solace, though, by going to the post office at BelAir. They seem cheerier.