Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Whatevers

Okay, first of all, Merry Christmas.  On Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day, I thought about grabbing some computer time to post a message to my readers, but I didn't.  You were thought about though - does that help?  And before I forget and in advance: Happy New Year. 

Now that that is said and done, I can present you with some randomness from the past couple weeks that I've been saving my notes on, but haven't yet posted.


Some of my kids' favorite body parts (can't remember why we were discussing it, but it seemed noteworthy enough for me to remember for some reason - so I'm sharing here):

H loves his hands best ("because they are useful for doing things").

Z loves his arms and legs best ("because they are good at making [him] fast").

J loves her eyes and mouth best ("because people always tell [her] [her] eyes are beautiful and [her] mouth knows how to sing and say nice things to people").

O loves his back best ("because there is a line of bones down the middle that holds [him] up straight").


Silly situations surrounding misinterpretations and misunderstandings:

As S neared the deadline for the hat drive she was leading (Hats for the Homeless), I suggested she might contact our church admin to send an email reminding people about the approaching deadline.

She said, "I don't even know who she'd email though."

I said, "Everybody!"

She said, "Oh, that's too many emails ... I can't ask her to do all that work."

I was thinking mass email, but apparently, she was not on the same wavelength.


H and Z were having a discussion about Jesus's brother James.

H said, "Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus has a brother?"

I said, "Why don't you check the concordance?"

He did and then said, "Okay, I guess there are some things that say he had a brother."

Putting the concordance away, he pondered for a moment and said, "Hmm, I wonder which brother was the oldest?"

I looked at him strangely and he responded with a blank look.

I said, "Jesus was born to virgin Mary, remember?"

He said, "Yeah, but was he the first or second born son?"

Uh, duh.  (He does know the definition of 'virgin', by the way.)  Eventually, he got it.


I was busy planning for the decorations portion of the Christmas Dinner Theatre at our church and J asked me what that was.

I reminded her of the event last year that I coordinated decorations for and how she and other kids were the theatre portion and she sang in front of everyone who was eating.

She said, "Oh yeah, I remember that show.  I'm retired from that play now, though.  I'm done with that!"

Cracked me up, because it's hard to imagine a 7-year-old being ready to retire from anything yet.


Top five favorite received gifts this year from the top of my head (not that I didn't appreciate them all), in no particular order:

- my favorite Christmas candy, Ghirardelli Squares Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate

- five back scratchers to locate in strategic locations around the house (I've been so itchy from the dry air, I guess)

- four cozy blankets (all different!!) and a super cute bin in which to keep them in the living room

- our porch light bulb changed (I love service gifts)

- popcorn and cheese seasoning from friends of ours who often receive our leftovers or food experiments and one time when we brought them some pork carnitas (when we made too much), they said, "Oh! we're saved from a dinner of popcorn with cheese for dinner."  So I took their gift of popcorn and cheese to be their offering of "dinner" on them. :)  It was a clever gift and I like those for sure!

- and a bonus post-Christmas gift, S cleaned up her brother's mess for me after he got sick on his bedroom floor last night (I was starting to feel sick myself, so she didn't want me getting worse)

My least favorite gift:

- my nieces and some of our children coming down with a stomach virus Christmas night and in the days following -- I don't like ending Christmas on a sour note like that


What were some of your favorite gifts this year?!


  1. Hm.. I did read this before. I didn't comment? Weird. I figured I would have, or at least that I considered it. :P This was my last day at Mom and Dad's, so I read but wasn't as good at commenting--sorry!

    I loved O's backbone comment. So funny--I need to take more videos of those kids.

  2. I think my favorite gift was my new iron. Dad doesn't like giving me things that are for "housework", as Christmas gifts, but he knows me pretty well. I use my new iron almost every day. It glides smoothly, sprays water, and is lime green!

  3. That sounds cute. You use your iron every day?! You are good. I try to buy things that don't wrinkle and if they do, they rarely get worn. Mostly, we use our iron for crafts. Ha! Perler bead projects and stuff.

    1. I use my iron for sewing, mostly! There are a few clothes that need touch-ups.