Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An Unusual (and Unintentional) Purchase

Okay, so yesterday, the kids and I did some shopping.  First, we went by Learning is Fun because, sadly, it was their last day in business in Albuquerque and therefore, were selling everything in the store for 70% off.

I found some really fun things for really good prices.  I now have a large model of a tooth (a la dental school) for when we learn about teeth during this human body study we're working on.  I also procured a roll of brown art paper, 48"x200'.  That should be fun!  Plus, lots of other fun things for our homeschool room and studies.

Later, we went by Savers.  The kids had done a good job cleaning up the loft earlier in the day while working as a team, so even though it's only three weeks till Christmas, I said they could get a small toy from there as a reward for doing such a good job (I'm extra nice when Daddy's out of town).

While they were perusing all the second-hand options available, I went and looked at their Christmas stuff.  It was on sale (from already low prices) for 50% off.  I love Christmas stuff.

Some people think I'm a little crazy for all my Christmas decorations.  But I just love this time of year.  I have a small collection of Santa's (probably ten or so), a small collection of snowmen (probably six), a small collection of nutcrackers and soldiers and about three or four nativity sets.  I have a little village, too, that gets set up every few years (not this one) because it's a lot of work to do.  There are stockings and pillows and blankets displayed around the house, the kids each have their own mini-tree in their rooms and there's a square wreath hung on our front door.  Never mind that we can hardly tell if our tree is green under the several hundred ornaments (and gaining) we hang on it every year.

There's still plenty of room for some more love on this tree!
Only the best and heart-felt decorations for a celebration that still honors our King, I say.

Anyway, at Savers, they have the usual consignment racks and shelves with clothing and books and toys, but they also have these little grab bags hung all along one wall.  They are clear plastic, so you can see what's generally in each of these bags, but when there are a lot of little items, it can be tricky to see all the components.

Savers grab bag of Christmas ribbon on sale for 50% off!  A great bargain.
So every year, besides adding ornaments purchased as souvenirs on our travels (this year we have a Focus on the Family one since going to Colorado Springs and the Visitors' Center), ones that the kids have been gifted or have made, I like to pick up a couple grab bags of ornaments to add to our tree.  One year, I got a alien golfer (that I think was supposed to be an angel golfing, but it looked more stereotypical alien to me).

No one in our family golfs.  That's why it's funny and adds laughter and joy to our tree.

Besides some grab bags of ornaments, though, this year, I spied a little Nativity set made from clay that looked cute.  I squished the bag around and made sure there were Joseph, Mary and Jesus at least.

There were also other important components so I bought the bag for $1.50 and came home.  I was excited to open the bag and set it up.

(Please note: there is sensitive material below, so clear the kids out of the room, please, or use it as a homeschooling lesson if you'd like.)

There were three animals and three wise men.

There were two angels -- okay, I'm used to seeing just one, but two is cute and fine.

But instead of a shepherd, the set included someone else...

What in the world was he doing at the birth of Christ?!  I don't remember that part of the Bible.

I kept trying to convince myself that it's not what it looks like, but his hood and torch seem to say it all.

I guess this is supposed to be a reminder that God loves all of us sinners in the world.

Nevertheless, I will not be displaying this particular clay figure in our house. 


  1. That is a very strange little clay figure. I think the set is better off without him.

    Your tree looks beautiful. I haven't begun to decorate.

  2. Thank you. I love our tree.

  3. That's crazy! For some reason before I thought you meant someone had added their own little figure, not that it was actually a part of the set. I wonder why the hood is blue, though? Anyway, I'm disturbed!! And going to send some friends over here to see. :)

  4. I feel like in the Coen brothers' movie, "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" some of the leaders had a different colored hood... but of course, I don't know the logistics of that group.

  5. You're right--I think some were red. Hm. I want to look up to see whether leaders had blue hoods sometimes, but I'm scared of search results for that sort of thing. :P

    (Glad to see my comment made it!)

  6. That is so freaky!!!

    I love the idea of adding a grab bag of mystery random ornaments!!

  7. That's crazy, laughing out loud wow, just wow