Friday, May 24, 2013

A Teen Favorite That Even I Enjoy

I love to know that we are raising kids who seek out pure stuff to put in their eyes and ears.  Let's face it, there is plenty of impurities in this world and they are inundated with that every day whether they seek it or not.  Sometimes the darkness seems appealing and I'm not saying that our kids don't ever seek that stuff out for themselves -- we live in a sinful world and we all fall into temptation at times.

But this post is about an awesome moment I had with H this morning.  He was listening to the radio through his iPod this morning and came running into me (writing the end of the year questionnaire for them to complete today -- nothing like last minute, ha) and asked me to listen to a song that was on at the moment.

In classic idiot-mom form, I said to him, "Do I have to do this right now?  I'm trying to finish my stuff up."

He stood firmly planted to my side.  He said, "I guess not, but this is that song I've been trying to figure out the name of so I can use my iTunes gift card to get it.  It's on the radio and so it's not going to be on for much longer.  I've told you about it, but you didn't know what I was talking about."

Realizing that if I didn't take 30 seconds to listen to his music, he was going to start the day feeling frustrated and unloved, I took a deep breath and placed his ear buds in my ears (ew).

For the most part, we force our kids to listen to Christian music primarily.  C owns a lot of secular CDs (I own a few, too) and we do play that for them when we can listen with them and talk about the messages behind the songs.  But when they're pouring hours of tunes into their ears all alone via iPods and headphones, we encourage them to tune into Christian songs.

The new iPods have radio signals.  While we can control the music we upload onto the iPods, we cannot control which stations they choose to listen to.  But they know what we expect and we can ask to listen to what they're hearing right now whenever we want.  So for the most part, I think we are teaching them to be keenly aware of songs and their messages while listening to them, repeatedly.

H tends to enjoy music that's a little more hardcore than what I like.  So when he wants me to hear a song he likes, I dread it. 

I began to listen, hoping for something good but dreading something screaming and excessively loud and non-musical.  (I'm so old.)

But no!  This is a song I hadn't heard, but I could easily have this one on my own iPod.  I'm so excited and pleased that there is still music out there where our teen son and I can meet in the middle and listen together.

I quickly found the song on YouTube and listened to the whole thing from the beginning with him.

Here it is -- Made Alive by Citizens...

Was anyone else left wondering what was being built in that workshop?


  1. That song makes me feel like dancing! Please don't tell H or he might think it's an old- fogey song and not want to listen to it. :)

  2. You are so cute, Mom.

    I was thinking that you might want to show it to Rebecca's kids -- I remember what you told me they thought about TobyMac's song, so maybe they'll like this dancey-groovy song, too.