Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Wonder

For Mother's Day. my family got me, among other things, the new WOW 2012 CD compilation.  I love the WOW CDs because they are like a compilation of my favorite songs from the year (last year).

I got through listening to disc two in the set today while driving N to school and near the end was the bonus track.  The song is I Wonder by Leeland.

Honestly, I'd never heard of this group until today.  Now, I can't wait to look for more of their songs.

There is something about this song, I Wonder, that because of the moment or where it caught me in my train of thought that just really moved me.  I love the vulnerability of the lyrics and the music and now I'm anxious to hear my husband sing this song in his style and voice.

To me, the best songs are only made better by listening to him sing them.   So hopefully, he'll jump at the opportunity to impress me (ha -- he does that every day) and learn this song.  I'm hopefully anticipating the results.

In the meantime, here is the official video of the song to tide me over...

Listen.  Enjoy.  Don't mind the background people paid to sway (or so it seems in my cynical heart).

Update:  I had heard of Leeland, I just didn't know it!  They sing Follow You featuring Brandon Heath (another favorite of mine).  See Leeland's website here.  Take the About tab to read about their background.  The three on stools (in video above) are siblings.  How cool.


  1. Jess, Jason, Darrell and Aggy saw them last year at Brave Generations and loved them!

  2. Very nice! I had not heard of them either.

    Thank you.