Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7 in 7: Day 3

Goodbye, July.

This has really been a month of ups and downs emotionally and spiritually.  There are some days I am so close to my Lord and other days when I wonder if He's hearing me at all.  Of course, He is!  It's a good thing I have faith because some days He's just not very evident -- except in the small ways, that I have to look hard to find.

But this is not about that.

Instead, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite photos from the month (besides what you can see on Instagram - just click the square camera on the right to take a look online).  I was super wordy yesterday, so today, I'll be picturey and I'll shut up.  Ha.


This photo was taken by my sister, Jessica, while she was visiting.  You guess the date.  
O was in a local parade with our church's children's ministry.

H was also in the parade for the library, but I missed that float.  So here are all the kids watching the end of the parade.

Jessica and I took our nieces to the local Rose Garden.  None of our kids wanted to come. Anyway, mostly I took pictures of the flowers, while Jessica photographed the nieces.

Here's one of our niece handing me a stick she really liked.

The next day, Jessica and I took a bunch of kids to the Botanic Garden and spent a good amount of time in the butterfly pavilion.

I realize this is not the greatest photo, but I have a hard time getting pictures of these blue ones and finally, I got a good one mid-flight.  It made me happy.

On another day, C, J, O and I went rainbow chasing out in the desert (we've had a good amount of rain in July).

At one point, J found this.  Not sure, but I like the picture anyway.

Instead of rainbows, I captured a couple good lightning strikes.

And put our kids in danger (not really, the storm was still way off).

Pay no attention to the fine details of my face, but pay attention to the fact that we are all smiling and having fun together.

Another day, our family went up to Las Vegas/Mora/Angel Fire/Taos, NM.  I liked some of the photos I got that day in the various locations.

Victory Ranch.

Just a few days ago, we had a whopper of a storm that blew down trees and signs all around and flooded roads pretty well, but look! we got hail right on the front porch (and all around our house).

Sorry, I didn't completely shut up.  I did caption a few.  Hope you don't mind (it'll help me remember, too).  Looking forward to seeing what August holds for us.


  1. I like captions! Nice on the lightning photos--was there just a ton and you were able to capture it pretty easily, or did you use a tripod?

    1. Thank you, Jessica. There were a ton of lightning flashes so I was just clicking away and happened to get a couple strikes. I didn't bring my tripod. I was looking to take pictures of rainbows - not lightning! But obviously, it wasn't rainbow time yet.

  2. Love your photos! The greenish butterfly with the ragged wings is very interesting. Love the blue butterfly. When Dad and I were in Iguazu Jungle we saw many blue butterflies. (Not sure if they were exactly the same type, but the same color and very large) They were very elusive, though. We were never able to photograph them.

    Thank you, love, Mom