Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Questions: If Happiness was the National Currency...?

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Today's question If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

H (age 13): Probably be a Lego set designer.

Z (age 11): Drag racing.  I know I said I wanted to be an Ambulance Driver, but lately, racing is more me.

J (age 8-1/2):  I'd help sharks if they were hurt and then set them free again after.

O (age 8-1/2):  I would like to work the registers at Toys R Us and also, put all the toys away where they go on their shelves.  That place makes kids happy and I could see them be happy and I would be happy for them.


  1. Sweet....they will laugh many years from now at their responses!

  2. Haha.. love these. I'm not sure which is my fav, but probably O. He probably has the best chance of realizing his dream!

  3. Cute and thoughtful answers!

    Sorry I hadn't commented in a while. For some reason my computer was not refreshing your blog. I was still on Biding or Abiding. I can't explain it, but I checked daily!