Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kid Feedback: On Parenting

I asked some of our kids today as part of their school time discussion, What are a parent's responsibilities?  I got various responses and will put in parentheses any additional information pertinent to their answers that are not evident merely by their words.

Z (age 9): They help their children; they get them what they need; sometimes they get them what they want; they look out for you; and drive you around.

H (age 11): Loving my kids; providing a roof and food and clothes; protecting them; educating them or driving them to get educated; and raising them to become children of God.  (I thought it was interesting that he put his answer into first person -- maybe it's a sign of his maturity that he's already starting to think of a time when he'll be a parent?)

O (age 6): (He was happy to go on and on and on because he was supposed to be cleaning his room in a continued search for his reading wand -- though some call it a pen, I call it a wand since it's sort of like magic how it works, and it doesn't write.)  Parents take care of their kids; keep them safe; let them go do fun stuff; go on Easter egg hunts; do fun stuff with their kids; go to the zoo with their kids; go to friends' houses; bring their kids to their friends' houses; go to church; pray with them's kids; give them's kids hugs and let them play in the snow; make kids do stuff and don't do stuff; let them go to ... did I already say friends' houses or no?; let them go in the van; give their kids BandAids and help them at the doctor; and one more thing, Mama, parents get kids lots and lots of presents (hint-hint).

J (age 6): Parents help little kids; them let kids go to do Easter stuff sometimes and that's fun!; they go on trips together; parents get to see their kids every night (especially J, who climbs in bed with us most nights still); they love their kids by not giving their kids everything they want - right, Mama?; and we find bugs together; we read stories together; I love you; Moms snuggle their kids into bed; watch movies together; we share popcorn; we do funny questions together; we draw together; we get to pray together; and only two more things: you forgive me when I do something wrong and the last one is that we like to plant flowers together.

(At this point, J asked me to read her O's response... then she added...) And! they take care of their kids and keep them safe -- it's no fair that he thought of those good ones.  Let them do fun stuff?  No!  Parents don't do that every time.  Mama, can you take me to the park because I really want to?  (I explained we were their yesterday and had other things to get done today. So we read the rest of O's response and she proceeded to disagree with several points because they aren't true 100% of the time.  For example, there is no snow right now, therefore, a parent cannot let a child play in the snow.  Nevermind that many of hers aren't 100% of the time responses either. Ha!)


  1. Haha! I love Jesse's response. It's sweet and funny. The last thing parents do is plant flowers with their kids! Yes, that's one that is prominent in my mind. :P

    And how cute that H (I almost just typed his name) is thinking along the lines of being a dad!

    And I was wondering about that reading wand (did I ask about it before?), so thanks!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed with the thought they put into it. Especially H's response; mature for 11 years old. It's great to see him thinking in the 1st person and being serious about it all.

    There were some funny responses in there too =P

  3. Yes, Jessica, that's why I put a link there about the wand because of your previous comment. :) I pay attention sometimes. Ha.

    Thanks for visiting Samantha R and for commenting!

    Back to Jessica, I kept thinking that a lot of O and J's responses were sort of like requests. J loves gardening (I'm a complete brown-thumb) and so she's always hoping I'll plant flowers with her. Usually Daddy does though, if either of us do.

    On a separate note regarding flowers, C sent me tulips the other day (in a vase) and the petals started falling off last night. This morning, J brought me one tulip's worth of petals that she'd "repaired." Using a stapler, she'd tried to reassemble the flower for me. Not so much, but I appreciated the effort and creativity. She must be my daughter, though, I've always thought staplers were the repair tool of choice -- that's how I do a quick hem or clothing repair, too. :)

  4. Sorry, I forgot to subscribe to this and so I didn't see you responded.

    Yes, I remember J doing that in the past--suggesting things by acting like they were already true. :P It's actually a good tactic, she could be an effective teacher with positive reinforcement. :)