Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So after Easter Sunday had ended and we were well into our regular week (Monday evening) and all that comes with it, C suddenly mentioned how he never got any Easter candy.  "The Bunny" no longer bothers to bring us baskets, since providing them for five probably is more than one rabbit can muster.  But Easter candy is C's favorite kind of the year.  He even enjoys the dreaded Peeps, but also loves Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs.

At his mention, I offered to run to the store last night to get him some half-price Easter candy (best time to buy!) and he took me up on the offer.

It was surprising how quickly the Easter sections at two stores I visited had been whittled down.  Wow.  Apparently, Easter candy is quite popular among many people.

I was able to locate some Cadbury Creme Eggs, but no Minis.  I picked up a few other bags of candy that I thought he'd enjoy, but knowing they wouldn't be what his heart was set on.  Second-best, at best.

He was thrilled anyway and devoured a single Creme Egg from the four-pack and a couple of white chocolates from another bag.  My Honey was happy and I was pleased.

By midday today, I realized that someone had eaten two more of his Creme Eggs!  I quickly began interrogating the children, but none would confess.  I was sad about this, but having other things on my plate today, there was little I could do to fix the problem.

When C came home from a long day at work, he reached for his Creme Eggs and sadly, realized, as I had, that he was two short.  He explained to the kids that he was less concerned about the eaten chocolate and more concerned with the lies and greediness involved.

After a short while, O came forward and reluctantly confessed to eating both Creme Eggs in the morning.  C asked him what he'd like to pay for sneaking and lying.  O volunteered his Easter Egg money (some of the eggs in our hunt contained pennies, dimes and quarters).  C accepted the offer.

When O came downstairs with a little wooden box that he'd put all his coins in, he started crying (showing actual remorse) as he handed it all over to his Daddy, saying, "Here's all of it..."  It amounted to about fifty-cents, but to him, it was everything.

C left with our older kids to help clean the church building with our Bible study group, and once he was gone, O asked if we could go to the store to get more eggs for Daddy.  I thought it was a good way to teach O about making amends, so I agreed.

We headed for a different store than I'd been to the night before and not only did we find Cadbury Creme Eggs, but Cadbury Caramel Eggs AND Mini Eggs.  So we  picked a 1/2-price basket and filled it with C's favorite treats.

Back at home, O made an apology card and we put the basket together.  We are currently waiting C's return.  O is so excited to present this basket to his dad.  He said, "Daddy still loves me ... even if I be a jerk to him, he love me anyway.  Him's a good dad.  But him be so happy to have new candy!"

In the meantime, I made peanut butter sandwiches for O and Z (who were home with me) for dinner and Z proclaimed, "When I'm a grownup, I'm going to buy a whole jar of jelly and just eat it with a spoon!"  The thought made me laugh.

I asked O what he might want to do when he's a grownup and he said, "Ummm ... maybe I buy my own eggs to eat?"  That seemed like a good idea.


  1. That's really fun--update us on how C responds to the basket! And hilarious that O still uses kid grammar.. "Me is boreding!" (Or whatever he used to say.)

    Z is funny--there's actually a Friends episode where Joey talks about eating jars of jam, and I thought that sounded ridiculous. But I guess if you like fruit as much as Z does, it's a treat.

  2. Oh, I love cadbury eggs!!
    What a good way for O to make amends. And what he said is adorable. :)

    LOL about eating the whole jar of jelly. One of my brothers had tasted corned beef hash once and they decided that "When I grow up and have my own house, I am going to have corned beef hash EVERY day for breakfast".
    He has since changed his mind.

  3. C was really touched by O's efforts to apologize in a way that made good sense (plus, he really, really likes Easter candy!) and said to me, "I'll be sure to return his 43-cents in the morning." Awww.

  4. Jessica, by the way, it was "Me so boreding," when he was bored. Ha! Kid-grammar is fun.

  5. Samantha, I can see wanting Corned Beef Hash repeatedly, too -- so good. But maybe not every day. Ha.

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