Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogging and Me

I really do enjoy blogging.  I enjoy reading other people's blogs and I enjoy writing my own for the handful of guests who stop by to read my so-so attempts at regular blogging.  Perhaps when our school year starts I can find a rhythm with it ... but so far, I just snag a moment or two whenever they arrive.

For any of you who read this blog and/or maintain one of your own ... please share with me the secret of regular blogging.  Or thinking up creative blog posts to write about.  Tell me about your inspiration because I feel sort of aimless lately and uncreative and I'd love to hear from you all ...

Anyway, so this is sort of a lame attempt at making a post so you know I haven't forgotten the Flock, but to put it in your hands as far as making it more interesting.  Please comment away!  Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

17 days till we begin our new school year ... let's pray I can pull things together and get prepared and organized before then!  We've been having too much fun this summer with visits to swimming pools and parks and shopping and our vacation, etc.  Time to get back on track.


  1. For me (obviously my blog is different, so some of this doesn't pertain):

    1. Short posts are still posts, and many people are more likely to take a look when I just have one photo or a bit of text. So don't feel you have to settle in for a long post.

    2. I try not to get too worried if I stray from photography or my main blogging topic/goal. It's still me.

    3. I have used some themes to help me have something regular to post--Thankful Thursday, Food Friday, etc.

    4. When I have larger amounts of time, sometimes I will write up a few posts and post-date them for when I'm busier. I did this before my trip, for instance.

    Those are just a few idears.

  2. I'm by no means a regular blogger, but on the days that you feel stuck...what about blogging about any verses or scripture you read that day? And if you didn't read any that day, perhaps it can be a reminder to! :)

  3. Thank you for the feedback.

    Jessica, I do like your themes ... that's a really helpful thought. I also like your several posts at once thing ... that happens to me sometimes and I feel guilty about making several posts in one day, so post-dating them sounds good.

    Luv2grdn, excellent idea. Scripture is always inspiring and even if it's just sharing a special verse and how it's meaningful. Thanks!

  4. On that note of scripture you read, what about a YouTube video of an inspiring song, talk, etc.? It could have a brief explanation of why you liked it or how it fit into your day. Kind of like how Brenda does favorite movies, I've sometimes thought about doing favorite songs. But it could extend to funny parts of a Veggie Tales video or some other thing that either ministers, amuses, or teaches your kids.

  5. Jessica, yes, totally. I have done that in my private blog ... but hadn't yet really thought of it here. Thank you!

  6. I have a list of possible blog topics in my planner. :) I also adapt stuff from my LJ.

  7. Ooh Brenda, that's clever. So when I think of something I might like to write about later, I jot it down and get to it when I can. I do that a little bit ... when the kids say something I want not to forget, I add a memo in my phone. Not always specific to blogging, but I do keep track of funny things my kids say (to some extent ... I couldn't possibly track them all!). Thank you.