Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Blog Pictures

Thursdays are a great day to write about something I've been pondering or a question to submit for commentary from the masses (you few, but faithful readers).  Don't you think?  Well, even if you don't ... that's what the plan is for now.

The thing I've been pondering lately is blog pictures.  I read other blogs and they so often have really clever photographs for their posts.  Now, I know some people are natural photographers and just have an assortment from which to choose.  I do have some goodish pictures, but they don't always fit my topic.

So is there a place to nab them online for free?  I mean ... legally?  I don't want to have to pay royalties and stuff.  But I like to be within the law for the most part.  Feel free to advise me on this ... especially if you'd like to see more pictures in my posts.


  1. has free stock photos. And I think you can use other photos if you give credit.

    Just one thing--specify if you did or didn't take the picture, because I have come across photos in a post that are a little misleading and I don't know whether to compliment the person or not. :P

  2. I have an account at You can search for and "heart" all kinds of photos, kind of like Pinterest but less complicated. That's how I get most of mine. However, I can't say for sure whether it's legal. :\ I've been worrying about that lately.

  3. I've heard reference a few times lately to pinterest ... I need to check it out, I guess. I'm behind the times! :) Thanks for the tip about, too; I'll check them out!