Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to School

After the on- and off-again schedule for school in December, it was about time we started back to regular ol' daily school.  So today was the day.  And it went well.  Usually Mondays are tough, let alone our first day after a break.  So I was really happy that there were no tantrums or whining and everyone accomplished their work in record time (so fast, in fact, that S and I even had time for a middle-of-the-day Scrabble game).

H and Z are finishing up their lapbooks this week (we were supposed to be done before Christmas, but I flaked) among some math review and light work otherwise.  J and O are back to our regular daily work and we'll save unfinished Truth in Tinsel activities for next Christmas!  Today, they learned about islands as we explore God's Creation (using the Kids' Guide to God's Creation that is at the center of our science curriculum this year for J and O).

Not only do we read each section, but I try to expand on their understanding by making some kind of activity to go with it.  Sometimes, it's a science experiment (which they love), but today it was a thinking activity.  We talked about if they got abandoned on an island for a long-long time, but somehow could plan in advance, what five things would they want to have with them, what one food (a lot of it - but they had to narrow down to one choice) and which one person would they want stuck there with them.  I enjoyed their thoughts and so I'm sharing them here (with my personal commentary in parentheses, because I can't resist)...

J's answers:
Five Things - (First, she said, "A boat!" and I was thrilled that she was really thinking, but then she said, "No, that's probably not allowed in this game," and dropped that subject.  I had not preset any rules, mind you, she made this one up for herself.)  Bed, clothes, fridge, sleeping bag, pets.

One Food - Macaroni.

One Person - Her friend, N.  (I was surprised that she'd pick a boy her age as opposed to a parent or an adult to help problem solve, etc.  But I guess it goes to show you how independent-minded she is.  Having a friend might make it more fun, too.  Who knows?!)

O's answers:
Five Things - XBox (which we don't have at our house, so I guess he figures he might as well request something special), Nova (our dog), bed, lighter, Bible (and this was not prompted by me - so I was really proud of him for thinking of that!  And the lighter.).

One Food - Chicken.

One Person - His aunt, D (I think he fully believes she's a lot more fun than his parents, plus, she was sitting in the room when he answered, so he was probably trying to get some bonus points ... I said to her, "Well, I'm glad you'll be the one stuck on the island with him ... I'd be terrible at cooking chicken outdoors."  She laughed and said, "Well, at least we'll have the lighter!  And if I get to bring five things, too, I'll make one of them be a cruise ship and we'll have all the essentials there onboard.").

Maybe I should ask the kids this question again in five years or so and see how their thinking changes.  Ha!


  1. Hahaha.. D's response is cracking me up!

    Every time you talk about projects with your kids, I want to be in school with them! Your assignments sound pretty awesome most of the time. They don't know how good they have it--to sit around talking about that fun stuff in a small group with their family.

    You should ask the rest of your kids this question. I'm just curious. I'm actually wondering myself what sort of food I'd choose. Probably cheeseburgers or pizza--the healthiest of items!

  2. Notice you said, "Every time you talk about projects..." that's because they're really the only ones worth writing/talking about -- the fun ones. But I will say, being in school with my kids is pretty fun (especially when they are enthusiastic). I try to plan breaks when we have guests, maybe I shouldn't do that! Mom was here when we tried to do a couple days of school still and the kids are definitely more distracted, but I could try to plan a school day when you visit. :)

    By the way, I was telling C about our assignment at dinner tonight and he said his one food would be Ranch dressing. He said there might be lots to eat on and around the island and if any of it was gross, Ranch dressing would help it go down. I thought that was a good one.

  3. Hey! I was going to mention that there might be plenty of fresh fruit on the island. (unless it is a desert island) I don't know if I would be that good at catching fish, so I would need something protein. (O's suggestion of chicken isn't too bad, as long as it would stay fresh.)