Saturday, January 7, 2012

Been Praying

Our son, O, came in from riding his bike today with a bloody nose.  It wasn't a big deal and nobody freaked out about it.  But as Z went back outside after escorting O into the house for assistance, he said, "We'll be praying for you, O!"

O called back, "You don't need to ... it's almost done."

I laughed.

The laughter followed a really emotional time earlier in the day though.

I had been praying for about a year for someone close to me to find a job.  She'd been out of work since early last year and there were times when we started to question whether or not the Lord wanted her working at all -- she'd applied just about everywhere (even lowering her expectations drastically in some cases).  She'd had only one interview in all this time.  I hadn't lost hope for her, but I was really starting to ask God what He was thinking?!  And I'd hear little in response.

There was blessing in this woman's unemployment, of course.  There was time for her to work on other things in her life that required her attention.  She was able to reacquaint herself with her children after working long hours at her last position and missing out on a lot of little things.  Financially, it was a strain for her family, who rely on her to provide income; but there was a piece of her that really did appreciate the time to refocus on some things that were more important.

And as usual, God's timing is impeccable.  She was called for an interview this week.  Finally!  She didn't even know what the job was about, but it was an interview, so she went.  It turns out to be a position perfectly tailored for her personality, her family needs and schedule and flexibility, etc.  This was definitely arranged by God above because there is no way, there could be a more perfect situation for her at this time.

Only hours after her interview, they called to offer her the position.  I think I might have been among the first people she called to tell.  And I just broke down into tears of joy. 

You know when you've been waiting for a particular prayer to be answered and you get to that point where you start wondering if you should give up and pray about other stuff?  I was getting to that point.  I was starting to doubt that I was praying for the right thing.  I still trusted God for provision here, but couldn't -- with my limited brain -- see how in the world He was going to continue providing in this situation without a job for her.

So there was a job for her.  She starts next week.  But even still, I know that God didn't need her to have a job in order to provide for her.  I think the job was more for the rest of us who have been praying for a job for her.  Maybe He wanted me to know for sure that my prayers were not in vain.  All this time.  Continued hope about this was entirely worth it.

Not only that, but the job is one she can be excited about.  It pays more than her last one and is in the field she wanted to stay in.  I am just so thrilled for her and for God's sustaining mercy and love throughout this entire last year.  He is amazing to me.


  1. Yay! I'm happy too. And it is nice to be reminded that sometimes there's a big payoff for the wait. I've been praying for some things for years, and I have moments where I want to give up (and do for awhile), but then I go back to it, admittedly with a little less gusto, just because I still want it. :P God is mysterious.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I often wonder if it's worth praying for certain things anymore, for me and for others, because NOTHING ever seems to happen. It's encouraging to be reminded that there can be an end to it all.

  3. It's easy to get discouraged at times, for sure. But it's verses like 1 Thess. 5:16-18 that are a constant reminder to me of God's calling for us -- even when we feel discouraged.

    "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

    Don't lose hope. :) Thank you for your comments!

  4. I wanted to add, also, that she began her new job today and when I texted to ask her how it went, she responded, "Great! Wonderful!" I was thrilled and relieved.

    I talked with her more later in the day and she was just so enthusiastic about it all. She said that she had so much fun, she felt like it was hardly work. After a year of many struggles, it is such a joy to see this woman laughing and thoroughly appreciating this gift from God.

    And again, I say, the wait was worth it.

  5. Things seem to be smoothing out in her home, too! We have all been praying. Love, Mom