Monday, April 2, 2012


It seemed to me that a couple of the kids have recently gone through another growth spurt (at least it's at the time of a seasonal shift, so I'd probably need to get them some new clothes anyway) and so I took measurements today.

S is still 5'1" and will probably stick there for the rest of her years in spite of her disappointment.  At least she got to be tallest for a few years.

H is now 5'0" at 12.  So there is still hope that he'll grow a lot more -- he always ran a bit on the short side so he's been really worried about that.

Z, who is always neck-and-neck with H in height despite two years' age difference, is 4'11" -- but I'm not sure he's had a spurt yet this warming-weather season.

J has grown two inches since I last measured her just before Christmas and now she's a whopping 4'2".  She has tall birth parents, so it's possible she may beat out a couple of the boys.

O is still steadily increasing bit by bit and has finally reached 3'10".  His birthparents are on the short side and he has always been in about the 15-20th percentile for height and weight, so my prediction is that he'll possibly be in the shortest two of our kids come adulthood.

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  1. Well, at least they can rest in the knowledge that we don't really hold stature against anyone!

    Love, Namma