Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Where's My Brain?

It's been another one of those days when I'm just running non-stop.  Managed to get 90% of J and O's schooling done this morning between bringing S and her friend to the farm, picking up the van from the repair shop and picking up my niece from preschool before heading back to the farm to pick the girls up.

While driving, it's fun to listen to the conversations between kids even when they don't involve me.  Sometimes they can be quite entertaining.

O (to his baby cousin): Hello, E!  Hello.  Hello, E!  Hello.

Z: You're making me a little crazy.  Can you please say something to E, other than hello?  Say other words.  Say, "Fried chicken," or something.  At least that's interesting.


Me to the kids:  So Daddy/Uncle C is going to be off from work tomorrow and the girls (my nieces) will be out of school, too, so Daddy said we might go do something fun tomorrow with everyone.

S: Oooh, maybe we should go to the mountains.

Me: It looks like there still might be too much snow for the van. I think Daddy mentioned the zoo might be nice.

S: I was just around a bunch of animals today!

J: I like the aquarium better than the zoo.

Me: Maybe the botanic gardens?

N: Maybe Olive Garden!!


Anyway, not so thoughtful, but at least I'm paying attention still.


  1. Haha! Love the "fried chicken" comment, and HOW CUTE IS N with the Olive Garden comment? Totally reminds me of her sister K saying, "I *love* croutons!" when I mentioned something about coupons, once.

  2. That's hilare - croutons. :D

    So we ended up trying to go to the zoo, but apparently so did the rest of ABQ. The line was out to the street! So we cruised over to the aquarium/botanic gardens. Much better. Little E was so adorable with her hands and face pressed up against the aquarium glass ... trying to get her first taste of seafood, maybe. Ha!

  3. I was cracking-up with Olive Garden. Thank you for recording that. D should put it in N's baby book. Fried Chicken is good, too!