Friday, April 6, 2012

Wonder Woman

We had a fantastic all-worship service tonight at church.  I even got to read a passage aloud, which was fun (Ps. 66: 2-5).  It was late when we got out, so we just went through the McDonald's drive-thru on the way home for a quick "dinner," so we could send kids to bed as soon as we got home.  Nothing fancy, but it got the job done.

Right now, the happy meal toys for boys are Green Lantern toys.  So the boys were thrilled to get these silly Green Lantern masks and they were wearing them the whole ride home, even while they ate.  Well, I guess it inspired H to start talking about comic book heroes and alter-egos (he's 12, so that's what they talk about).  He was quizzing C on the subject to see if he could remember very many.

C said, "Well, I'm 38 and you're 12.  You're at the peak of interest in that stuff and I don't remember most of them except the main ones."

I jumped in and said, "Clark Kent!" because it's really the only one I could remember (Superman).

C said, "Yeah and Peter Parker."  (Spiderman)

H asked, "You don't even remember Batman?"

I said, "Wayne ... something."

C said, "Wayne Newton! Ha.  No.  Bruce Wayne."

I said, "I knew it was Wayne something, but I couldn't remember the whole thing."

C said, "John Wayne?  Kidding, kidding."

I asked, "What about Wonder Woman?"

H said, "Well, Wonder Woman is a goddess."

I laughed because the tone in his voice was one of great admiration.  I said, "Wow, H.  I didn't know you were so into Wonder Woman."

He burst into laughter and said, "Oh my gosh!  That's not what I meant!!"

Then everyone in the car kind of teased him about it and he took it in stride (which he would never have been able to do a couple years ago, but he's starting to admit he actually likes girls, so, he's more willing to tolerate the jokes).

S jumped in with a story about lunchtime today and how H wasn't eating very politely (he's 12, that's how they eat).  She said she commented that hopefully his future girlfriend or wife is blind so she doesn't have to see him eat.

H apparently replied, "Well, you haven't seen my romantic side."

This sent S and their cousin, L, into gales of laughter because if you know H, you'd never even imagine him having a romantic side.

At their laughing, he embellished, "I mean, it's going to be flowers and candles and soft music..." which unfortunately, just made the girls laugh even more.  And now, we were all laughing at the story and Christian's mild-squirming.

C replied, "Well, H, you'd better get to know Wonder Woman first, so you know if she's into all those things."

H had about three "Oh my gosh!" replies to that because he just didn't know what to say to dig his way out.

After hearing this story and once we were home again, H kept his mask on till bedtime and C said, "Don't forget to take your romance-mask off before bed.  You don't want it getting wrecked before you meet Wonder Woman."

H continued to take it in good humor and replied, "Gosh, I was so comfortable wearing it that I almost forgot I had it on!"

As much of a challenge as our boys can be, I love seeing them grow up to appreciate a good joke and even being able to laugh at themselves more often.  Good stuff.  Good Friday.  It really was.


  1. Oh H!

    I think that's so sweet that he mentioned his romantic side, even though it just got him a bunch of teasing. :) The fact that he recognizes that aspect of how to treat women is very encouraging!

  2. There is a lot of maturing going on in his life! I was so glad I got to have a talk with H while we were visited you. Though it was brief, I could see the growth. He's a good kid!

    Love, Mom/Namma