Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/11/12 + More Balloons

I love fun dates like 10/11/12.  I knew of someone who almost had their baby today and that would have been such a cool birth date ... but alas, this baby was in a hurry to be born and she came at 10:59pm on 10/10.  From the picture I saw, she looks cute.  I guess we'll forgive her.

Anyway, today, my sister, Jessica, went back home to Oregon and we went again to the Fiesta -- this time with my nieces and my parents.  But again, it was too windy for balloons to inflate!  Crazy weather.

So, since I didn't have any good balloon pictures from today, I decided to post some taken last Sunday evening when our family and Jessica went down to Fiesta Park. 


Mostly gas balloons pictured here.  Read about the difference between gas and hot air balloons here.

Who woulda thought these two might be perfect for each other?

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  1. That certianly does look fun, too. Maybe next time we come to the Fiesta we'll be able to see the glow.