Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I was working with our seven-year-olds in school today and talking about step-by-step processes.  So for fun, I started asking them their idea of step-by-step processes of things they do (then I added in some things they probably had no clue about just to see what they'd come up with) and I made sure to record their answers precisely.

Here are the questions and their step-by-step instructions.  I'd like to recommend you don't actually follow their processes and use a more reputable source if you need instructions.  But it's still fun to read their responses and this survey gives you a little window into our kids' personalities...

What would you do in case of a fire?
O:  First, I'd spray water at it.  And that's it.
J:  First, I'd jump on somebody's car.  Next, I'd scream for help.  Then, I'd go to the fire department, take a fire truck and put out the fire myself.

How would you go about buying a car?
O:  I'd go to the GMC place or something.  Then, I'd give them my money -- like $2000 or something.
J:  First, I need to ask if I can.  Then, I would give money to the person.  Then, I'd pick my car!
How do you bake a cake?
O:  First, I pick the shape.  Then, I spray the cooking spray.  Then, I pick the kind I want -- chocolate with sprinkles.  Then, I add chocolate chips ... gluten-free ones.
J:   Get some flour, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 3 ozs. of sugar, 2 eggs -- wait, 10 eggs -- get some butter, put some oil and then some salt -- 2 ozs.  Then we bake the cake for two hours.  Then we put on pink frosting.  We put some candles and light them.  Then we sing the Happy Birthday song!
How do you pick a president?
O:  First, I look at a poster of all the presidents (he acted this out since we have such a poster in our school room).  Then, I just point to one!  (I followed up with the question, "Who is our president right now?" and he replied, "George Washington!"  I said, "Actually, it's Obama."  He said, "Who is Hoobama?!")
J:  I'd pick someone who knows how to cook, to read, who likes to do commercials, who doesn't do stage fright and who sleeps good at night.  I'd look at pictures of them and read about them and then I would call them up and say, "Yay! You're our next president!"
How do you resolve an argument (with your brother or sister or a friend)?
O:  First, I'd slap him.  Then I would argue some more.  Then after it, we say, "I'm sorry," then I would slap him again for a warning to not argue with me again.  (I will add that he was chuckling the whole time he answered this one, so I think his answer was not really serious.  He is a jokester, so it reveals more of his personality.)
J:  First, I'd tell somebody and then they will come and break up the fight.  Then we need to say sorry.
 How do you pick out your outfit for the day?
O:  First, I get my shirt, pants, socks and shoes -- oh! and underwear.  Then I'm ready to go!  But I put on my hat and a coat just in case.
J:  First, I look out my window to see when S and Daddy are leaving in the morning.  Then, I get my hair done.  Then I get dressed -- every day matching.
How do you take a bath or shower?
O:  First, I turn the knob to put how warm or cold you want it.  Step three:  Wash whole body.  Step four:  Get in the bath.  Step five:  Wash my hair with shampoo and water.  Then, get out of the bath, get my clean clothes on or pajamas to be ready for sleep!
J:  I start the bath.  I get my clean clothes. I get the toys ready.  I start putting the toys in the tub.  I get my towel.  Can you believe I do all this every time I take a bath?!  Then I check the temperature to see if it's okay.  I get in.  Then I turn off the faucet.  Then I play.  S says I can play for half an hour.  Then I wash my hair with shampoo.  Then I wash my body.  After that, I get out.  I get my towel and dry off.  Then I take a quick shower to wash the bubbles off.  I get out again.  I dry off again.  Then I do my hair.  I get my clothes on.  Then I'm sparkly clean!!


  1. Hahaha.. LOVE. I will definitely share this with some friends.

  2. Yay! Yes, I couldn't wait for C to get around to checking my blog, so I printed it up and brought it to him on the couch after work, so he could see what we've been up to today (among other things).

    He said J was actually kind of accurate on the cake -- at least the right ingredients. I commented on how she referred to ounces, too, which is how C bakes cakes -- by weight instead of cups. She is a daddy's girl.

    He also commented that things are starting to add up about O regarding his bath process. And where is step two anyway?!

  3. I was wondering about O's step two in the bath myself; but we know that J is "sparkly clean"! :)

    I love it!