Monday, October 1, 2012

Zoo Pictures

We went to the zoo today.  I took some pictures. 

Here are my favorites...

E was more fascinated with the animals than ever before.  She's growing up so fast!

Accidentally captured this photo with the creepy man face in the rock.

Peafowl chicks! A first for me to see (or photograph).

"Oh Buh-ruther!"

Sun worshipper.

Modesty matters.

I think this was my husband's favorite of all these.  I do like the color.

Chinese Alligator.

Love was in the air at the zoo today.  I saw a lot of animals in this "hugging" pose.

And of course, always my favorite.

The end.


  1. Great pictures - the parakeet is my favorite!

  2. Peafowl chicks! Very cute. Those frogs were beautiful even if their pose was a little risque.

    The end!