Friday, April 12, 2013

Good God Stuff

So the past couple days have been really exciting for me (aside from the window fiasco, of course).  I feel so blessed and I'm anxious to share.

1. While I have not yet heard back about the writer's position on the other blog, as I mentioned, I am feeling confident about that situation.  Maybe I won't be chosen, but I still feel like it was the right direction to put myself out there and try.  Usually by now I'm second-guessing myself, but I still think I did what I was supposed to.  I'm at peace with the whole thing.  Those of you who are praying for me about this, thank you so much.  I can tell.

2.  I've prayed a while for some friends of ours who do not attend church.  I wasn't even really fully sure about their beliefs but they are really great people and I love them.  I've also been praying about an opportunity to discuss issues of faith with them, but hadn't really found the right -- not awkward -- moment. 

But this week, one member of the family actually brought up the subject of faith and past church attendance to me.  There was my door -- wide open.  So we talked a bit about it and I invited them to attend our church.  They are actually thinking about it!  (I haven't stopped praying.)

It was a big answer to prayer not only because they might come this or some Sunday, but now the topic is more open for discussion and I know where they are coming from and how the stuff I believe and talk about is being heard.  I don't think I'm super annoying now for talking openly about my faith (because I do).  I think the Lord is blessing me for it.

3.  Early in the year, C and I had to decide if I was going to continue seeking chiropractic care.  Financially, it was becoming a strain and so ultimately, I stopped going.  I have missed it ever since, though.  My back pains are gradually returning and other problems that were being helped by the regular visits to the chiropractor were starting to worsen again.  But I knew it wasn't practical to ask C if I could return for more.

I had gotten friendly with one of the admins in reception at my chiropractor's office.  H and her son hung out a couple times and she was just always a joy to see when I'd go in for visits.  She's another one I've been praying for with regards to her faith and an invitation to church.  (We have spoken briefly about these topics, but she's not there yet -- I'm not giving up!)

Anyway, I was thinking it would be nice to catch up with her again and so I texted her a digital copy of S's graduation announcement and told her we'd love to have them stop by for the celebration.  She replied quickly that they could not make it, but then asked, "Did you get my email?"

I told her I had not gotten any email from her.

Her reply was this: 
"Oh man!!!!! I wanted to see if you're interested in being a screener for the office.  You would go out to events and talk to people about chiro care.  Just local events and you would be at a table with all of our info and a scanner to do modified scans.  You would get free care and your family [would receive a significantly discounted rate]."

Are you serious, Lord?!

I wasn't even praying about an answer for my back and continued chiropractic care!  But apparently, the Holy Spirit was praying on my behalf because this was such an answer to prayer for me.

My reply was this:
"Wow. Yes."
So we are getting together on Monday to talk more about it.  She thinks I'm "perfect" for the role and she is excited we'll see each other more and that I'll be able to continue my care.  I am, too.

While I'm intimidated about doing the modified scans at local events (I'm less afraid about talking to people about chiro care) and a little nervous about how much time this might take from my already busy schedule, the free care for me (and cheap for my family) is worth shuffling a few things around to make this work. 

Anyway, Praise God for my many blessings.  These are just my top three this week.

How have you been blessed this past week?


  1. You already gave me a little preview of this job. Sounds great!

    I was blessed to have Jessica visit for a few days!

    I am blessed to be able to visit you, D and families :)