Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Questions: What is Something Mom Said...?

Okay, I'm excited to post another question for you with our kids' answers.  If you want to look back at the introductory post about these summer questions, click here.  If you want to see other Summer Question posts, click here or look for posts labeled with SummerQ.

Today's questionWhat is something your mom said once that you will never forget? (The humor of my role as their "mom," as well as being the interviewer, is not lost on me -- I could be setting myself up for some majorly embarrassing moments.  Let's find out...)
H (13): You said, "You will be an adult in just five years."
Z (11): I don't think you have said anything just once, so this question is too hard to answer.  (And I'm left wondering if he remembers even one thing I've said.)

J (8): You never really said anything only once, but you make sure I know you love me.

O (8): You said, "Listen to you and Daddy." (I'm pretty sure I've said this more than once.)



  1. Sweet! Can't wait to see more soon!

  2. I love this line of conversation. :) And I had to laugh that the younger kids took the word "once" as a literal timing.

  3. Very good question. It's got me thinking: there are some things my mom said that I really remember, but I don't wish to remember.