Saturday, April 5, 2014

Road Trip: Texas, Day 3

Day 3


Up by seven and breakfast at the hotel is finished. 

The breakfast today has the usual hotel fare, including a variety of bread choices in a case, yogurt on ice and fruit in a basket, but they also offered scrambled eggs, sausage, oatmeal, etc. and most importantly, Texas-shaped waffles.


Left hotel. We have tickets for a kids festival in Galveston, put on by the opera house there. It's an all-day event, but we will probably only spend part of the day. So much to see and do while we're here. 

It's cloudy and 60s today. But doesn't feel chilly. 


It has been busy so far today! Times to jot down notes and thoughts are fewer. 

We attended the kids festival in Galveston, then we drove from there up the coast and turned in towards Lake Jackson. This is one of our Westside options if C ended up working over here at a place he's applying for), so it's good to get an idea of things here. 

This area is a couple hours from downtown Houston, but still a nice part of the world. Good proximity to the water and generally enough services and shops to sustain us. Though we might be inclined to spend weekends elsewhere...of course, that's usually true for us. 


Spent a good amount of time wandering Quintana Beach, looking for seashells and playing in the surf. We spotted some dolphins playing in the water and many seabirds dive-bombing for food. 

The beach was a bit chilly and windy today, but this is forecast to be our coldest day here. Seventies the rest of our time. 

It was nice to spend time outdoors. Tomorrow we'll try a church and probably go to downtown Houston, while it's the weekend, and save weekdays for exploring smaller communities. 


Dinner at Joe's Crabshack, mostly because that's a tradition for our family: to go there while on vacation (provided there is one available).  I had some coconut shrimp, snow crab and broccoli. So good.

Then back to the hotel to get to bed at a reasonable time, so we can be up for church in the morning. 

I'm letting my readers off the hook today. So much to take in, but not a lot to report. 




  1. Oh how I miss a sandy beach! Hit the beach beautiful!

  2. That hotel looks like it has an extensive breakfast fare! So fun that you were able to go to The Grand Kids Festival! Especially good that you were able to visit the beach! (I know there is more than one beach :)

    You certainly know how to vacation. Love, Mom/Namma