Monday, April 7, 2014

Road Trip: Texas, Day 5

Day 5


I woke again at 3:30am with excruciating hip AND calf pain. I was up till 4:30am, praying and stretching in the dark. Again, not sure if it's the bed or extra exercise I'm getting on vacation, but either way, it's painful and uninspiring and I don't like it. 

I slept till 7:37am after falling back to sleep. 


We've been out exploring most of the day. So far, our favorite area is League City. There is a certain charm that appeals to us in that town. There's a lot of new development, but we especially like the more historic elements and the community areas. 

Per usual, we always find the best houses are about $100,000 more than we want to spend. But when the timing is right, The Lord will point us to the right house and give us provision for it.

We stopped in at Critter Gitters, who are known for their portrayal on Hi Tech Rednecks (reality show) and the kids got to go in and talk to one of the guys. He answered some of their questions about being involved with the show and how it has affected them. They've been renewed for a second season, so it sounds like they are doing well. 

We also visited League City's library: Helen Hall. It's not like our library at home, but still big and resource-rich. Plus, they have a teen advisory board, which is our H's favorite way to serve the community. The library is currently building a specifically teen space (like our library has), so we got to see that coming together. I like to see things here that will help our kids adjust and feel comfortable - especially H, who is struggling the most with our commitment to move. Oh Lord, please warm his heart and nudge him onto the same page with us. 

While we were out, we had lunch at Jimmy Changa's. Wow, have we put ourselves in a predicament. We may need to eat there more often. We went way off diet and scarfed down some of the best Mexican food since living in California. The kids' meals are under $5 and include a drink. There is plenty of covered patio seating next to a covered playground!  Even the adult meals aren't very expensive, especially considering everyone gets free ice cream at the end. I had a combo plate and my favorites were the pork tamale and the crispy chicken taco. Food was delicious and fresh. They make their own tortillas there, too! Mmm. 

They do serve alcohol there for those who want it, but I love that the restaurant is non-smoking AND non-vapor. Woohoo!

After the exploring, we headed back to our hotel. C took the kids swimming in the pool, while Mama took advantage of the quiet and empty room. 

I used the time to post yesterday's blog, but had to do it twice. The first time, everything just vanished before it posted!  The app I'm using is not perfect. 


I took kids to the dining area for dinner. Included Monday-Thursday at this hotel!  Tonight was tortellini, garlic bread and salad. ate, C ran to the grocery store and returned with pork chops, shrimp and asparagus that he's going to grill out by the pool. 

I confess that I tried some of the pasta, mostly because kids were complaining the marinara tasted weird. It did! It was candy-sweet! Wow. 

Also, I wanted to mention that today, C heard from a company that wants to meet with him while we are here. I think they may set up time tomorrow. It's in Houston, so we may be sticking close to the hotel while he takes the car...I'm not sure. But there is plenty to walk to around here, so I'm not worried. 

Pray-please-pray for some answers about God's provision about our move. 


Kids swam some more. C and I had a delicious dinner!  Z made sure to share in the fresh Gulf shrimp and there were still some to share with hotel staff. They gave us a whole plate of leftover fresh-baked cookies from the hotel dinner. The evening weather was perfect as we enjoyed our meal on the patio. 

When we got back to the room, J asked to have popcorn from the complimentary basket in the kitchen. I put it in the microwave and after two minutes, the bag was done popping and mostly flat. When I took it out, the whole underside had burnt through, leaking butter everywhere. Ick. How long has that bag sat there unpopped?

Fortunately for her, I'd packed some from home. Those cooked up perfectly and she was a happy girl. All she'd eaten at dinner was salad, so after all the swimming, she'd worked up an appetite. 


I'm basically done making notes for today, so I'll say, "Goodnight."

P.S. Sorry I've gotten lazy with the photo editing. I can only post things I photograph with my cell phone while on vacation, so photo quality is iffy anyway. Maybe after the trip, I can post some taken with my Nikon. 

P.P.S. Sorry I haven't replied to comments. I do read them before publishing and appreciate all! But I still am on vacation, so I'm cutting some corners. 


  1. Your Mexican meal looked is a beautiful area you are checking out!

    As for your cramping in your legs...go get tonic water with works great...give it a try!

  2. Mmmmmm Mexican!

    Sorry about the hip/calf pain. That sucks.

  3. The food at Jimmy Changa's looks sooo good. The shrimp that C was able to BBQ looked delicious, too!

    Enjoy! Love, Mom