Sunday, April 13, 2014

Road Trip: Texas, Day 9

Day 9

I woke early. C and the kids were still sleeping. I used the quiet time to read my Bible and talk to God for a while. I also posted to the blog for the day before. 

By 8:45am, the others were waking for breakfast. The regular routine of breakfast at the hotel has been good for us, but I'm growing tired of the same ol' choices, day after day. All I really want are more Texas-shaped waffles. But I limited myself this vacation. 

After breakfast, we headed to some new-to-us neighborhoods, closer to downtown Houston. Ideally, a shorter commute for C would be great, unfortunately, we are not city-life people. 

We did give it some thought though. We ultimately decided we couldn't do it.

While in midtown (Houston Heights), C visited Penzey's Spices. It's his happy place, that store. 

I don't think we'd fit in living down in midtown, but of all the city spaces, I liked that part best. It appears to have had some urban renewal in recent years to turn what may have formally been quite run down into more of a trendy, artistic community. The markets are small and specific, the homes are mostly historic (in appearance) with splashes of fresh paint and the center divide down the main boulevard has unique sculptures evenly spaced for fun photo spots or artistic pondering. The Art Car museum is in that neighborhood. So is Penzey's. Everyone seems to be walking where they need to go. 

A small part of me thinks she would like being a city girl - bringing her basket on wheels to town, browsing tiny shops and just buying what she'd use that day. But the way I imagine it, that is more of a solo life. An independent girl takes on a big city and supports herself with the arts. It's just not practical for our lives as a family. Most of me knows this definitely and so I squash that girl down and only let her out in the in-between moments and in my imagination. 

That girl seems a bit selfish. She wants more time for herself and more quiet moments. The good news is that she can find happiness in other surroundings besides the city and she finds joy in the small moments of solitude. She doesn't need long periods of time alone and sometimes having one-on-one time with another family member or good friend is surprisingly satisfying and special. 

I'm talking like a crazy person. 

Anyway, overall, no. I do not want to live in the city. Ideally, we'd live on a waterfront. Water soothes me. And it's interesting!  When I think about water, I think about homeschooling opportunities. Exploring. I think about kids swimming on hot days. Refreshment. I think about the Lord's replenishing grace and goodness. Living Water. 

All good stuff. I want to think on these things and living by the water would be a constant reminder of my purpose and God's provision. 

Even in Texas, living by the water costs a premium. But I'm praying God will work this out for us. That He leads us to a house that blesses us and allows us to bless others. 

If not the water, then a house with pretty wilderness right on the property. We have been pent up in a cookie cutter neighborhood for too many years -- these kids need space to run and to discover. 

Lord knows what is best. 

Lunch at Smashburger was met with mixed reviews. C and I had it in San Diego and we liked it there and here. I think mostly, we were getting to the end of our vacation and the kids were either bummed or anxious to go home. 

After exploring Houston city life, we headed over to Deer Park. No. Not a good fit. Although this is where H felt the most at home (he likes all the restaurants none of us like, too, if that says anything).

We drove down Bay City Blvd. to look at a couple neighborhoods there. We love the park in Brook Forest and we spent time playing and exploring there. But the houses all seem quite rundown and stuck in the 70s. Besides, now that our kids let their real selves show to other kids in the park and we already got a talkin' to by an adult who decided she new best what was happening (and it was all our kids' fault), I'm not sure we would be welcome additions there. 

Brook Woods is the next door subdivision and C and I really loved it. It was so quiet. And that's why we can't live there. It wouldn't be so quiet once we moved in!

Ultimately, we really like the communities of League City and Seabrook. Unless God springs a big surprise on us, I think we will end up in one of those two places. 

The day was just about spent. We went back to our hotel and packed most things up. We got some loaded in the car. 

H had been on about spending birthday money on a cowboy hat and belt buckle. So when packing was as complete as it could be before morning,  we went by Cavender's Boot City and he realized he didn't have enough for both. He ended up with a fancy leather belt and a silver longhorn buckle. 

C dropped the kids and me at the hotel and they swam in the pool for a bit, while he went to get an easy dinner for kids and sushi from Sushi Coast for our last night on vacation. 

To bed by 11:00pm. Not the best bedtime the night before departure!

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  1. This was an interesting read especially when you discuss where you might like to live in Texas. I already know you are buying a house in Seabrook near the water since it took me more than 2 months to read this blog. It's all good.

    I'm so excited for your new adventure in Texas and how God has been guiding and blessing you on your way.

    Love, Mom