Thursday, March 3, 2011


My sister reminds me often enough that occasionally, I need to do a short post to keep people's interest.  Not everything can be an overly chatty message-laced moral-of-the-story kind of post.  I get that.  I'm not good at that, but I get it.  So today, I'm choosing to use the few moments that I have on the computer to post a quick funny interaction between a couple of our kids in the car on our way to pick up one of the other family's children from school.

I handed out pieces of chewing gum while we waited the 25 minutes in the pick-up line at the school to keep them mostly quiet and content.  I had Z (9) and J (6) in the car with me, as well as the youngest daughter (3-1/2) of the other family.  They were talking quietly and entertaining themselves and I was so pleased.

Then J said, "Let's have a bubble blowing contest!"

I thought this would be funny since I only gave them a tiny piece of sugar-free gum, which isn't the best bubble-blowing kind.  But I just listened and watched in the rearview mirror as they chewed and pushed with their tongues and strained to make dinky little bubbles.  Barely.

J said, "Mom, we're having a bubble blowing contest.  I just learned how to make bubbles!  Z doesn't even know how."

Z answered, "Well, J, that's because I'm a boy.  Boys hate bubbles."

Not three seconds passed when he suddenly shouted, "Watch, I'm making a bubble!!"

Such a contradiction.  And silly.


  1. Oh okay, I got your text and I wasn't sure if I was understanding correctly, but I was! :D Boys hate bubbles..ha!

  2. LOL! :)
    You have a smart sister, btw!

  3. I know I do. :) It might be because of how often I played school with her, growing up. She had to learn something! Hehe.

  4. Are you taking credit for my smartness? :P Sheesh..older sisters!

  5. Why yes, yes I am. :-P But you surpassed me long ago.