Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grape Skittles and Shamrock Shakes

This morning began too early.  After my husband left for work, I wanted about two more hours of sleep before getting up, but I wasn't able to resettle myself and get even two more minutes.  Our boys were already up and making a ruckus.

H decided he was going to do his chores even before the sun was up.  While I appreciate the initiative, cleaning the bathroom before everyone has even used it in the morning is kind of annoying.  He demanded that the other kids wait till he was done cleaning even before they could have their morning pee.  This caused a scuffle and volumes increased rapidly.

Soon, I had three boys charging into my room, each one trying to get their version of the story out first.  I pulled the covers over my head for a moment wishing for the darkness of nighttime for just a few moments more.

Ultimately, I sent H back to his room to wait to do his chores; I sent O to the bathroom; and I kept Z in my room with me because he seemed the most rattled.  When Z is rattled, he loses control quickly and someone ends up getting hurt.  I wanted to be his comfort and his constant so he could regain his foothold on the day.

Z climbed up in the bed with me with a whimper because he really didn't want to be detained from whatever trouble he might be able to locate outside of my view.  I snuggled with him a moment and then he said the nicest thing:  "Mama, you smell like grape Skittles this morning."

First of all, you have to know that Z loves to sniff things.  He's constantly sticking his nose in people's shoes or wherever.  He has a very keen sense of smell and so scents are very important to him.  So the fact that he thought I smelled like something yummy (to him), was a good thing.  He settled right in and sniffed and snuggled.  I felt complimented by his words and therefore, cuddled more freely.

Once I got up and showered, the boys were still pretty rowdy.  I decided today would be a good day for a walk in the Rio Grande Bosque and Nature Journals.  It seemed that the kids were too energetic to sit at the table and work on textbook assignments.  I got a few groans from the kids when I mentioned a day of exercise and fresh air, but in the end, all five were thanking me for taking them.

I love that about homeschooling!  The opportunity to sense the mood of the day and just do something about it.  We didn't have to conform to the norm and force unwilling participants into a mold that none of them fit most days.  We could get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and late winter weather (almost spring!!) and just set them loose to run about and enjoy God's creation.

The whole trip really changed the hearts and moods of all of us.  It went so well, I treated the kids to Shamrock shakes at McD's afterwards.  Happy March, everyone!

And we sleep well tonight.

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  1. This is a happy story! :)

    I've still never had a Shamrock Shake. I look for them every year, but the McDonald'ses here don't make them.