Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Boys

I've learned my lesson over the past several years that I need to make sure our kids have something green to wear on St. Patrick's Day.  You'd think they'd care less since they're not in away-from-home school and for most of the day, the only ones seeing what they're wearing are their siblings.  But in fact, this makes it even more crucial for them to be wearing green.  Siblings are happy to punish those not in green with a pinchy reminder.  Painful ones!

So this year, all our kids are wearing their green proudly.  I lined up the boys for pictures this morning while the girls were still getting dressed (I figured I'd go ahead and do gender separate shots since the boys were in one place at one time).  Just as they got settled and I started taking some shots, our youngest son, O, turned towards our middle son, Z, and unprovoked, just punched him hard as he could right in the privates.

Sadly, though also humorously, I have the series of shots on my camera since I was using the sports setting anyway because the boys are so wiggly.  O's arm is just a blur as he punched, but then Z's facial reactions are painfully hilarious.

Before I could respond to them or take more pictures, Z retaliated with a quick, hard pinch on O's bum.  No fair since they were all wearing green, but I let that one slide and figured they were even.

I texted my mom the story this morning and she laughed about it.  I told that her next year, I'll need to remember not only to put them in green, but to make sure they're wearing protective cups as well.


Oh well, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all.

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