Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kid Feedback: Jesus

So on occasion, I like to find out what our kids feel about particular subjects.  Sometimes, the subjects are mundane and other times, I delve in and ask them about more spiritual matters.  It's a way to keep the conversation open and what usually ends up happening is that God uses them to teach me stuff about Him and about the world.

Over the past couple days, I asked our kids what their favorite and least favorite thing was about Jesus.  Our teenager declined to answer (probably because she knows by now I like to keep notes on what they tell me for future enjoyment and record).  Anyway, I'll share with you here what the other four kids said...

H (11): Fave - "He's always there for me."  Least fave - "Nothing."

Z (9): Fave - "Everything."  Least fave - "He's perfect.  What's not to like?!"

J (6): Fave - "He helps me not to be sick."  Least fave - "Well, he makes me go to heaven and I'm a little scared about that because I don't know what that feels like.  I think it might feel like I'm sleeping.  But I don't know what happens next."

O (6): Fave - "Him's nice."  Least fave - "Him's mean."  (I spoke to him about this over the course of two days, so I don't know if it was just a difference of his mood when he answered or what ... but clearly, there's some kind of contradiction in his mind about Jesus.)

I don't know if this is one of the most entertaining set of responses I've gotten from the kids, but I did appreciate their willingness to answer.  It's good to know where they're at on this subject.

I think for me, I love His grace and mercy for someone like me.  He's amazing.  But one thing that I've always struggled with is the fact that He never married.  I know not everyone is called to marriage and certainly, marriage is partially about understanding oneness with another person to better understand closeness with God and Jesus wouldn't need marriage in order to get that (hello, He's part of the Trinity).  I think I could get Him better though if He'd gotten married on earth and had some children so I could read about how He dealt with every day stuff like that.  It's not about me though, so I'm fine with the fact that He did things the way He did ....  OH, but also, I'm so confused about when I'm supposed to capitalize He or not.  I can't figure out a consistent rule about that.  Does anyone know?

Do you have a favorite or least favorite thing about Jesus?


  1. You don't really have to capitalize "he" when talking about him. I think some people feel it's more respectful and others do it to clarify (that's when I do it). I don't know the official rules, just that it's not required.

    I love kid responses! J's answer is hilare. :)

  2. I know what you mean about Jesus and marriage! But my revelations about not needing it because He's part of the Trinity have really made me feel better about it. We're not part of the Trinity so it's okay for us to need and want marriage. :) Hee hee.

    "He's perfect, what's not to like?" was hilarious!