Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cool Free Wallpaper

Now that I have my smart phone, it likes having some smart wallpaper to back up the icons for the dozens of apps I've been trying out.  I have one app for scanning those little square bar codes that seem to be on everything now ("to find out more information, scan here with your phone").

Today, the boys (H and Z) reminded me that on the back of their Faith Journals (nice composition books) there was one of those little squares.  So I tried it!  This was my first time.

What it took me to, is easily available for anyone -- with access to the web -- online.  I thought I'd share the link here so you can download some cool backdrops for your own phone (or computer) if you'd like.  These are good encouraging reminders that I'm happy to keep nearby.

(Source: Dayspring)

P.S. (Thanks, Jessica!)


  1. Haha.. those are QR codes. And you can make one so people who are reading this post on their computer can scan it and get to that page! Go here:

    You can just enter the URL and it'll make you a QR code that you can download as an image. I'm not saying you have to do that on this post, just that you can sometime if you ever feel like it!

  2. Love your iphone discoveries! So far I know what you have been finding...can't wait for you to pass me so I can learn from favorite is being able to take pictures and blog right then and there!! It is SO easy and the only reason I have been able to keep up with it all...enjoy!

  3. I had no idea, Jessica! That's awesome. I can maybe make business cards for my blog with a QR code. :) People are always asking me if I have a website (is it typical now that everyone just has one?). Especially at events where I am doing pictures and stuff (so I can make one for those albums, too). Thanks!

    Hope Rising - I actually haven't figured out how to blog from my phone yet so you're way ahead of me still. That's pretty amazing. I can view this blog (and others), but I can't log in. It's probably just me since I've figured out this phone is pretty smart -- smarter than me.

    I just found out I have a verbal texter (not sure if that's its real name). It's way easier than typing things out on that little keyboard -- but it doesn't always get spellings right or hear every word I say correctly. Sometimes the results are quite amusing.