Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something Else New

I like trying new things if I'm pretty sure they will be good things. This week I tried a Holy Yoga class and loved it.

Yoga has long been associated with new age and middle eastern philosophies (from what I've heard) and therefore, something I was nervous about mixing myself up in. But then some Christians came along, changed some of the positions, added scripture reading and put Holy in front of it and for some reason it seems safer.

I heard of Holy Yoga five years ago when a friend moved from the East coast to Arizona and became a Holy Yoga instructor. But until our church began a ministry (aka free class) I never had the chance to try it out.

Last Thursday, I did!

Even though I'm fairly round in shape, I have been blessed genetically with good flexibility. (Thanks, Mom!). I didn't really struggle with the contortions except when my frontside got in my way. I am flexible enough to spread my legs and touch my forehead to the mat, but my bust won't allow it.   I have plenty to go around if there are any jealous readers out there. I'm happy to share.

Anyway, I still felt great the whole next day!  S tried the class, too, and she wasn't sore either.

Then about 7pm that next day, I suddenly felt an extreme muscle soreness about where my diaphragm sits. For S, it was her back and it hit about the same time. Holy Yoga, Batman!  What is with the delayed soreness?!

Even still, I like the class. The one I attended was in the category of Restorative, so it was all floor exercises. Who doesn't enjoy getting fit while laying around?

I'm definitely going back next week. We'll see how this accompanies chiropractic care and my Paleo lifestyle. It's definitely better than when I tried Zumba already. That was much too high impact for me and I couldn't keep up with the perky video people.

Have you heard about or tried Holy Yoga?  What do you think about it?

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  1. I have always been leery of Yoga because of the Eastern Religious aspect. This "Holy Yoga" sounds safe enough. I like the idea of getting fit while laying around. ;)