Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blogging on a Tuesday

Not much to say, unfortunately, but found a couple spare moments and I thought, "Hey, I'm going to post to the blog for no particular reason."  It's not a theme day or even a day when I have something especially creative to share ... I'm just here.  Checking in with my readers and letting you know I'm surviving.

We made it through day two of homeschool this school year.  We're still working on finding a rhythm, but we'll get there.  I may be bald first (from pulling out all my hair), but I am confident that somewhere amidst the chaos, we'll find normalcy and calm.

Something else we're trying this year (based partially on something I'd been considering and then some additional input from my husband), and that's walking.  Daily.  I walk with our older two boys before we start their school stuff in the morning.  Then I walk with our youngest two kids before their class time.  It's good physical education and gets our blood pumping before doing a lot of sitting and reading and stuff, but also, it breaks up the day.  Otherwise, I find myself stuck in the same room of the house for the majority of each weekday and when I do leave the room, I can't think of anything to do because the rest of the house becomes so foreign to me.

Anyway, I've needed to work more regular exercise into my routine and though so far we've just been keeping it to short distances without a lot of vigor, anything is better than what I was getting.  So it's all good.  If only my hips don't give out on me! Ha.  I'm hoping this is also helpful for the kids to get in a good pattern before they're old like me.

Our teen came with me yesterday when we walked, but today she opted out.  When I suggested she do at least a lap around the block midday, she sort of grunted at me.  I don't know.  Maybe she'll come around in time when she sees how much more positive the rest of us are feeling about it.

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  1. My parents have been taking daily walks together for years. They've kind of fallen out of the habit recently, but it's been a great thing for both of them AND their marriage!