Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Talk

I totally allowed Monday to fly by (unfortunately it wasn't in the "time flies when you're having fun" kind of way ... but I'll get over it) and didn't do my Monday Mastery post.  Maybe next week.  So instead, after another very tedious Tuesday, I'm blogging about a fun little chat I had with J on the way back from the grocery store this evening.

The radio was playing "I Can Only Imagine," which everyone and their dog has heard, I'm sure, so I won't worry about over-explaining that song.  If you are among the one percent of the population (that's my estimate) who hasn't heard it, go ahead and Google it. I'll wait....okay.  Continue.

J: Mama, I love this song and I think I want to have it at my wedding.

me: Oh okay, do you know what it's about?

J: Yeah, it's about when he goes to heaven ... he doesn't know what it's going to be like.  So he's trying to imagine stuff about it.

me: Very good.  Do you think your husband will say yes to this song?

J: If a guy is not a Christian and he proposes to me, then I'll just have to say, I don't think so.  No.  And if he's a Christian, then he'll probably like this song, too.

me: Good thinking.

J: Mama, what song did you have at your wedding?

me: Well, it wasn't a specifically Christian song, but both Daddy and I agreed on it: "Everything I Do, I Do It For You."

J: Oh!  What's your favorite funeral song?

me: I think I want .... "My Chains Are Gone," you know, the "Amazing Grace" song that has the extra parts like, "My chains are gone... I've been set free ..." (insert terribly off-key singing voice there).

J: I know that one.  Well, I'm definitely coming to that funeral.  I mean, not just for the song.  I might even camp out in the graveyard till it starts.

me: Thank you ... I think.

J: O (also in the car), are you going to marry someone famous?

O nodded.

J: Well, I'm going to be famous, but you better not think about marrying me ... I'm your sister!

me: Yeah, there are laws about that ... not marrying sisters.

J: But I don't think my husband will be famous ... otherwise, we'll both be too busy and who can take care of the house and kids?

me: Exactly. :)

P.S. I did have a very nice weekend away without kids -- first overnight with my husband without kids in six years!!  I want to blog a bit about it, but if I forget, I did want to bring it up at least.  It was such a nice break.  I'm so thankful to the four families who volunteered for childcare for us.  We are blessed to have such a good support system amongst our friends.


  1. I love reading funny kid quotes and conversations! That's so cute. Camp out at the graveyard?! :P In case there's a huge line to get in to your funeral, I guess.

  2. Well, of course there will be a huge line! Right? Right? (echo...echo...echo...) Ha. But maybe also because she likes camping. And why not a graveyard? Some cemeteries are prettier than campgrounds! :)