Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun on Friday

Some funny conversations I had with our kids said this week...

While driving home from somewhere Thursday, I saw a friend from church turning the corner in the other direction...

me: Oh!  There's RB!
H: Did you see her?
me: Um ... yeah, why else would I be saying 'there she is'?
H: Well, I thought maybe you saw her license plate.
me: First of all, I don't memorize friends' license plates, second of all ... she was driving towards us and there is no license plate on the front of her car.
H: Maybe you saw it after she turned.
me: No.  I just saw her.  In the driver's seat.
H: Oh.



While helping the younger kids do their Nature Journals after our morning walk one day...

me: Okay, draw something you saw on our walk today ... maybe trees or that hummingbird...
O: I'm going to draw that chipmunk!
J: No, he can't draw a chipmunk, because I was going to draw it!
me: You can both draw the chipmunk.
J: No, we can't.  O can't draw it because I want to.
O: I already drew it.
J: Now I can't draw anything because I only know how to draw chipmunks.
me: You're a wonderful artist, I'm sure you could easily draw the sky or grass or ...
J: Grass is boring.

Some time passed and we moved through math and geography...

me: Did you decide what to draw yet?
J: I'm going to draw something else I saw!
me: Oh good!  What?
J: A flying shark.
me: I must have missed that on our walk.
J: Well, I didn't.

(But instead she drew a house.  Not exactly nature, but I was too tired to argue ... they're mostly made of natural materials, right?)


Upon seeing a man with a titanium leg at a restaurant ...

O (loudly): Awesome!  That guy has a robot leg.  So cool!
H (twice as loud): Be quiet! Don't talk about people's body parts in public.  It's rude!  Mo-omm, O's being rude about that guy's leg.
me (hushed): Ok, we'll talk about it later.
H: But he's so rude.  The guy's right there (pointing).
me: I think you might be making a bigger deal than O.
H: No, he's the one who called it a robot leg!
me: Thank you for reminding me what I already heard him say.
H: Well, it's rude.
me: Ok.  Thank you.
H: You're welcome.


Before bed ...

me: You're still sniffling, make sure you take your Claritin before bed.
J: (heavy sigh) My life is getting harder every day.  There is so much to remember!

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