Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: David, the Rock Star

I was driving with our son, H, the other day and a song came on the radio (I listen almost exclusively to K-LOVE in the car) and it was a fast-paced, slightly harder rock song (I can't remember what it was exactly, though for the story, it doesn't matter).  This is pretty unusual since K-LOVE tends to play softer, more easy-going songs for the most part.  We enjoy something a little bolder now and then.

As we listened, H said, "That's how I always imagine David -- in the Bible -- played and sang."

I joked for a moment that I didn't think his harp sounded like the electric guitars on the radio, but then I stopped myself.  You know, I think I have to agree with him.

I mean, how many musicians were there in the world back then when there wasn't television or computers or radios in cars -- or cars?  Probably more than there are nowadays.  And for a king to hear one of these musicians and say, "Yes, that is the uniquely interesting sound I've been looking for to entertain me in my home," the music David played had to stand out -- on his harp -- from all the other harpists of the time.  He had to be doing something original and creative or someone great like the king (or his servants), might never have picked David from the pack and called him into service for the king.

Then when I think about David's boldness in so many stories throughout the Bible, I think, he would never settle for some gentle strumming on his strings.  He had to be daring in his music, too.  He had to be just rocking that harp!  Probably irritating all his older siblings like youngest kids tend to do with their loudness and courage.

I think, that at least for the time, David was probably was a harp-playing rock star.  Even his lyrics can be pretty bold and out there -- and his dance moves?! Yes!  Come on.  Think about it.  It may not have sounded like the rock music of today, but he couldn't have been a master of easy-listening either or he'd never stand out from the crowd.

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