Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Trip to SLC, Part I

Here is a small sampling of photos I took on our trip to Salt Lake City earlier this month.  I'll try to explain some stuff that was happening in and around these photo opportunities, too.  Not that you want more words from me ... but because it's more my style. Ha.  Enjoy.

Not yet out of New Mexico, we hit a small snowstorm.  It wasn't too bad, but it was really our first snow of the season, so I wanted to capture the moment.  It cleared up by Colorado.

We were in Utah in about four hours, plus stops.  Not bad timing.


We stopped for the night in Monticello, UT.  While C was checking us into our hotel, I was thrilled to spot a group of deer crossing in front of us (we waited out front of the hotel in our van).  I hopped out to get a few clear-ish photos.

I had fun watching their adventure.  Several motorists honked and spooked them so they kept coming back, but seemed persistent in their quest for the grass across the road.  None of them got hit and most of the group made it over and back after a taste of the grass on the other side (which wasn't much greener, actually).

Here are some of them coming back.  This was such a thrill -- I love spotting wildlife and then getting pictures is a bonus for me!!

After parking at the hotel, I noticed behind the hotel was this big pasture just filled with deer!  I couldn't believe how I was satisfied with just the ten or so I'd seen crossing the street and here were dozens and dozens grazing peacefully.  What a special treat.  Their backdrop was amazing as well.  Thank you, God, for all your creations!

I mean, how fun is this?!

As if the deer weren't blessing enough, we had dinner at a little place in town recommended by the hotel desk (I don't remember the name - sorry).  The service was friendly and the food was good.  It was fairly empty in there besides our seven, another couple and one man dining alone.  When we finished our meal, we were the only diners left in the restaurant and the server informed us that the man dining alone had paid for our meal!  A stranger bought our dinner.  This was an amazing blessing.  I was so grateful and if you, Sir, ever happen upon this blog (as if), thank you.  It was an unbelievable gift to us.  We appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Stay tuned for a couple more posts with photos from our trip.


  1. Fun pictures! Very fun on the deer, and I love the story about the guy paying your check. I've told it to a few people!

  2. I, too, enjoyed the photos of the deer! Thank you. I shared your blessing of free dinner as a praise report to my Bible study and at choir. That was really exciting!