Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Three Marys

I have been working through the Truth in the Tinsel curriculum that I purchased as an e-book online (with a Black Friday discount, no less!) with J and O.  Technically, it's not supposed to start till December 1 and is supposed to be used as a countdown to Christmas or Advent season thing.  But that would mean I'd have to sit down with them like I do on the weekdays on weekends all month, so I decided to start early and even double up on a couple days here and there so we can be sure to get it all in (on weekdays only). 

I figure it's not really cheating since the author does provide for some alternate schedules in the back of the book, but instead -- we're still doing every day, just not on the "right" days.

Anyway, so far, we have really enjoyed the activities and crafts that go along with the curriculum and even some of the older kids (usually H) have jumped in on some of the crafts just for fun.

Today, we read in Luke about where Gabriel comes to see Mary.  So the craft was to make a Mary ornament. We didn't follow the exact specs because I failed to get clothespins in time -- so craft sticks would have to do.  Plus, J didn't like how Mary (in the book sample) didn't have a face.  I guess it's more artsy to leave a blank face?  I'm not really sure.  But our Mary's have faces.  And hair.  And other accouterments (excessive glitter glue, for instance).

It was a lot of fun making them and even though the older kids didn't join in with us today, the three Mary's have such different looks.  It's fun to see how we each interpreted her.  I'm in love with J's Mary because she looks like so much more fun to hang with than my plain-Jane kind of Mary.   My emphasis was more on "virgin" I think, while J made a Mary with personality!  O played a little more on the safe side, but his is probably a blend between J's and mine.  Still innocent, but no wallflower either.

Anyway, I'm not much of an artsy-crafty person, but it's fun to get creative with the kids during this season.  Enjoy a snapshot of our Mary's.

Left to Right: Mama's Mary, J's Mary and O's Mary.


  1. Haha.. wow, J's Mary is full of pizzazz! It's funny that you associate "virgin" with that particular look. Who knows, maybe Mary was really outgoing and liked a bit of glitter! :)

    I would do those crafts with you guys.. I'm an older kid!

  2. My Mary has pizzazz. :) Virgin doesn't mean boring ... I guess I just meant childlike innocence like the movies portray her.

    C says J's Mary is like 3 years after Jesus was born and Mary and Joseph got a babysitter for the evening.

  3. And you are more than welcome to do our crafts with us! :)