Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Trip to SLC, Part III

Here is the final post in the series.  This contains a sampling of photos from our return trip.  We took two days to drive home and stopped in Moab, UT, this time, which is a really touristy area especially for outdoor enthusiasts. 

This is one of the things to see and do when in and around Moab.  Lucky for us (or "blessings for us" since I don't believe in "luck" and yet still seem to people by using the word lucky anyway), it was Veteran's Day (aka 11-11-11, this year), and National Park entrances are apparently free on that day!  So yet another financial blessing.

Besides arches in Arches National Park, there are many cool geometric formations contained within.

Balancing Rock.  Notice the people for size comparison.

The North and South Window Arches required a lot of stair climbing.  A lot.  And these were considered easy hikes compared to the rest.  My lungs did not agree so much.

North Window Arch.

This is an arch that is across from the North and South Window arches and I'm blanking on the name.  It starts with a T maybe.  We hiked to this one, too.

I love gnarly-looking trees like this.

I think this one is called Double-Arch.  I forget exactly.  But we were tired from the other hikes and therefore only drove by this one.

This section of the park is such a difficult and dangerous hike that they require a permit.  This is known as the Fiery Furnace, if I remember right.  We didn't hike here.  I just took a picture from a lookout spot.

South of Moab, is this rest stop-y place.  There is a 5000 square foot house built into the rock that no longer has residents, but that they offer tours for.  We wanted to tour it, but the price was sort of unreasonable (especially multiplied by 7), so we'll have to try it another time.  Meanwhile, the grounds are full of fun, kitschy things that the kids enjoyed seeing and touching, making for a good "folk art" kind of field trip along the way.

This is all that remains of the hotel that once was the main reason to come to this part of the world.  Now it's surrounded by all the fun collectibles put here for visitors.

Back in New Mexico.


  1. Nice photos - I'd like to go there. I often see really fancy photos of that arch.

  2. Oh, you would be able to do wonders with your magic camera and skills! We ran out of daylight before we could get everywhere in the park, too ... so plan lots of time, for sure, if ever you do visit.

  3. Dad and I have been there. We didn't go through the park, but drove by on the motorcycle when we went to Cortez,CO in 2001.

  4. How cool is that?! I love thinking about how I'm retracing your steps (or wheels) sometimes when we travel.