Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Silliness, Again

On the way home from church this morning, I asked O what he learned about in Sunday School.

He replied, as expected, "God."

So I inquired further.  "What else did you learn about?"

He thought for a moment and he said, "Valentimes."

I scrunched my nose at that, thinking something must have been off since it's almost Christmas and Valentine's is still a ways off.

Z chimed in and said, "Well, the rest of the class learned about Thanksgiving ... maybe O learned about something different because he was playing with {his friend} the whole time."

I was chuckling about this when I texted the Sunday School teacher to tell her what the boys had said.  She replied, "That is so funny!  O sat by Mr. M the whole time -- so sweet."

So I said to her, "Oh! Well, maybe it was Z who wasn't paying attention."

She replied, "He was great, too!"

So I'm not sure what the dealio was.  But don't you find it funny how kids always answer "God" or "Jesus" when we ask them what they learned on Sunday?  They're not wrong ... they just don't really remember what specifically they learned about Him.


In preparation for one of the crafts we're doing in J and C's class this week, we needed individually-cut, large bubbles from bubble wrap.  I'd unpacked ornaments today and found I had some large-bubble, bubble wrap, so I snagged a section to use in preparation for the craft later this week.

This evening, I went about trying to cut out individual bubbles -- which is not as easy as you might think!  Those things are pretty close together and it's so easy to nick the side of a bubble as I'm cutting around it (which, of course, deflates it -- defeating the purpose).  Eventually, I got two cut out without popping them and then I said to J, who was watching me, "I need a couple extras just in case you guys pop these while making your craft."

She grabbed the scissors and volunteered to give it a go.  The first couple popped right away.  Then she started getting the hang of it and announced, "I've almost got one!  Oh, please, Lord ... please, Lord ... got it!!"

She was so excited.  I was just busting up laughing because here it was a struggle for me, too, but I never thought to call on the Lord for help in such a silly task like cutting up bubble wrap.  But I guess I must be teaching the kids something well.  That was almost her first thought!


That reminds me.  Last week, my mom visited (dad came for a shorter stay, mostly for the holiday, because of work).  I think she must have gotten her fill of Yahtzee and Scrabble (and a few other games) because besides constantly doing our laundry and dishes to get me caught up a bit (thanks, Mom), she filled most of her spare moments playing games with each of her grandkids.  She is great.

Anyway, when she was playing Yahtzee with both H and Z, they started praying throughout the game.  H prayed for his own Yahtzee's and Z prayed for my mom to get them.  Finally, Mom said to the boys, "You don't have to pray for a Yahtzee."

I was telling C about what was going on with the boys and their Yahtzee prayers, and he said, "Well, we're supposed to pray about everything."

I said, "Yeah, and I guess if God gives them a 'Yes' to their prayer, He must figure that even small blessings are blessings."

At least they're asking for help playing the game from the Lord and not from some invisible Yahtzee-dice-god.  But, I can't help it that whenever I play, I still say, "Four, four, four!" as I shake the dice.  Once again, the kids have it right.


I hope you have a good week!  Remember to keep on praying.  My kids will be.


  1. Oh yeah I totally pray to the Yahtzee the cup is going to obey if I say the number I want enough times. :P

  2. That makes me feel guilty, because I, too, say four, four, or whatever number is needed. I'll have to stop and think about to whom I'm speaking. Thanks for the good words!

  3. Ha! It wasn't meant to be a guilt trip, Mom. I love that you get the chance to play with them at all. I just also love how much I learn from our kids about faith and stuff. It's cool how the Lord uses them to teach me!