Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flea Market Finds

While I love a good bargain and enjoy yard sales and consignment shops, I have never been an avid flea market shopper.  Growing up, our family used to visit the flea market now and then and I have mixed memories about whether or not I liked it.  In retrospect, I remember thinking it sounded fun beforehand, but we always visited them in the scorching heat, which wasn't very fun.

Since the kids came into our lives, we've taken them to the flea market (in the various places we've lived) about four times.  I guess I figured it was a good experience for them to have or maybe I encountered moments of delusion about bringing kids to a place where everyone desperately wants to sell stuff -- especially to naive children who are always wanting us to buy it for them.

Anyway, last weekend we made this journey again.  I'd spotted a large flea market running down in the area we drove over my birthday weekend (WWK), but we didn't stop then.  So while we were out driving around with the kids, I said, "Hey, we could try that flea market we saw!"

We got to the place, but apparently it either only runs on Saturdays (and it was a Sunday this time) or it doesn't go during the fall.  Whatever the reason, the nice, big flea market was absent and there was only a smaller, less interesting flea market up the road a bit.

Nevertheless, we stopped at the smaller version because by now the kids were all cheering to go to the flea market and we couldn't just not go to any for fear of incessant whining the rest of the day about how we'd let them down in that respect.

We ended up leaving said flea market without a single purchase.  I did, however, manage to take with us some photographs of several items we did not purchase (and truthfully, I was not even slightly tempted to purchase these things).

I felt like I wanted to do a good week's end post today, but alas, I'm all congested and sickly feeling, so I'm taking the easy road and just posting these silly pictures.  Enjoy.

Didn't purchase any of these Poodle Pups.  They're cute, but we don't need another dog, thanks.

Didn't purchase this creepy man-doll, nor did we pick up that strange painting of a girl watching a dead sheep (didn't notice it even till I looked again at this picture of the man-doll).

Didn't need a holster.

No need for a saddle since we are horseless.

Are you getting the idea that New Mexico is in the Southwest yet?  Cowboys and all.  But no, I did not purchase these boots.

We're heading to the Pumpkin Patch in a week, so we didn't buy any pumpkins from here.

This thing scares me a little.  Didn't purchase it.  Nor did we get a single toy from the surrounding table displays.


  1. Wow, what's up with that man-doll? Yikes!

    I don't remember enjoying the flea market because I was always so thirsty and we'd be walking around for what seemed like a hundred hours!

  2. I do remember the unquenchable thirst. So I make sure we have drinks before we take our kids now. :)

  3. I think the yellow boots are kind of cool. :) Otherwise, what a weird assortment!!