Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Wackiness

We've had some really weird moments this week within the family and so when I can, I write stuff down so I can share it with you all when I have a moment for typing.  I have a moment now ... so here we go.

I was reading the story about Moses and the Burning Bush in the Bible to J and O this week. If you know the story, there's that part where Moses sticks his hand in his cloak and when he pulls it out, it's all leprous and snow white.

J asked, "What's that?"

I said, "A cloak is like his coat."

She said, "No, the other thing ... that was on his hand."

I said, "Oh, leprosy."

Now this is where it got a little complicated and silly.

She asked, "There was a leopard seal on his hand?  Like a tattoo?"

I said, "No, leprosy is a disease that isn't very common any more, but back in Bible times, there were many people who got the sickness.  The people with the disease were called Lepers."

She looked at me confused, "Leopards?  Why did they call them leopards?  Did it give them spots on their skin?"

I said, "No, Lepers, not leoparDs."

Then O piped in and asked what kind of animal a Leprechaun was.

I laughed and started drawing out some sketches.  I said, "See, here is a Leper with leprosy (stick figure with arm in a bandage) ... and here is a leopard (wild cat with spots) ... and here is a leopard seal, but I'm not very good at drawing them, so you'll have to use your imagination ... and here is a leprechaun (funny little man with a big hat, big buckles and a pot of gold).  But leprechauns are just make-believe."

Then J asked me in all seriousness, "But where do the leopards get those leper-seeds?"  She pulled the scratch paper with all my doodles out from under my hands and drew a tiny, little spotted seed.

This is my actual life, folks.


I met the kids at the little park near our house after they'd been playing for a little while.  When I got there, they announced that they were playing "Burrito Stand."  I'm sure their daddy would be so proud of them for this, but anyway ... they were serving wood chips as pretend food at their stand.  They offered me some, but I declined -- I was too full.

Within moments of my arrival, the boys started chasing each other around because suddenly they were playing their version of cops and robbers.  J continued serving burritos from the top of the play set.  Suddenly, some kind of bust went down and one of the boys was hauled off to jail.

J said, "Welcome to jail, would you like a burrito?"

Sure enough, both the cops and the robbers wanted burritos.

It's nice to know that there are games invented that cover everyone's interests -- and that our kids are actually playing them together.


Finally, I had to put a ban on breakfasts in bed.  Am I being too harsh?  I like breakfast.  I like my bed.  I even like eating in bed on occasion, but mostly at night time.

My mornings are too routine for me to interject occasional breakfasts in bed.  When I eat there, I find little motivation to hurry up getting dressed and downstairs for the day.  Usually hunger drives me down to the kitchen, but if my appetite is already satiated, there's no rush.

So this morning, H and Z did a very nice thing and once again made me breakfast in bed.  This time it was actually delicious even.  They've come a long way from their earlier food prep attempts.  But I had to tell them it was the last time they would do this for me because it just throws the whole morning off.

But what person in their right mind turns away breakfast in bed?  I did tell them what they made was delicious and thoughtful, but as a mama, I fear that I've bruised their little egos by rejecting further attempts.  Why is it so hard to eat my words, when gobbling down their ham on bagel with no problem?

It won't be the last dumb thing I say to the kids, I'm certain.  But I hope they realize it's my need for order in my morning that ran my mouth today and not their desire to give and care.

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  1.'s like the time you didn't let Mom frost the cake!! ;) (Do you remember that reference?)

    I love the kid stories. The burrito stand and leopard seal are hilare!