Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Playing Hooky

My thought today is that sometimes, it's good to play hooky.  Despite all the best intentions to follow my lesson plan for school or to get chores done, sometimes, it's important to take the opportunity to skip out on all that and spontaneously do a different plan.

Today was like that.  The balloons weren't flying due to wind, but they inflated on the field at Fiesta Park.  By the time we got there though (I decided to spontaneously go to Fiesta Park instead of chasing), most were deflated (due to wind) and there was so few still up that parking and admission were free.

The kids ran around and collected a couple cards anyway and offered to help pack up a couple  (earned Clutch Crew pins as a result).

And despite the chilly weather and wind, we all had a good time.

From there, it was still early, so I took them to the Balloon Museum on site for $1/person.  There were lots of educational exhibits there and so it's not entirely like we didn't learn anything today.  S also got to talk to a Navy recruiter there for an event and get more information as she continues to debate her future plans.  For now, she's thinking she might enjoy the military instead of rolling right into college after high school.  Nothing is in stone, but we're supporting her as she explores the options.

After that, it just didn't feel right to give up on the fun and go home.  So I took them to a matinee of "Dolphin Tale" and what a fabulous family movie (with some more science tidbits!).  Loved it.  Also loved the positive light in which homeschooling was portrayed!  This is not a Christian film and there are no references to faith or Christ, but the values the movie presented are compatible for Christian families.

Finally, I got milkshakes and fries (lunch of champions?) for the kids at Carl's Jr.  What a day!

Back at home we did chores and rested up because the plan is to try hitting Fiesta Park this evening if the wind ever dies down.  Sure, that means we'll need to move today's schooling to tomorrow, but I think today was a good time and still plenty educational.

A break well-earned.

P.S. The wind never really stopped.  We went back to Fiesta Park in the evening and only two balloons attempted inflating.  They still shot off fireworks (they're always some of the best displays I've ever experienced), but it was too cold and windy to stay for the whole set.  We'll try again maybe Saturday or something.  I'm hoping there will be something to chase tomorrow morning though.  I'm trying to make the most of this year's Fiesta, for sure.

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