Thursday, March 8, 2012

On the Run

Busy days this week!  Lots of running.  For example...

  • Went to the glasses store to get boys' glasses adjusted.
  • Went to the gas station to donate an arm and a leg in trade for fuel.
  • Went to the bank and set up bank accounts for all the kids (finally).
  • Went to Staples to get more toner for my printer.
  • Went to three stores till we found work boots for S.
  • Went to CVS to pick up some Tylenol and allergy relief for C.
  • Picked up niece from preschool.
  • Picked up S and friend from the farm where they're volunteering.
  • Drove friend home.
  • Drove Z to meet a friend for his trip to the museum with their family.
  • Went to P.E. class at the park.
  • Went to Sonic for Happy Hour beverages.
  • Went to dinner with family and friends at Chili's (I had a kids eat free coupon!).
  • Picked up niece from preschool.
  • Took H and Z to science class at the library.
  • Went to Target to get some necessities.
  • Picked up another niece from school.
  • Picked up the boys from the library.
  • Went to Taco Bell with eight kids for $2 Meal Deals!
  • Took H to football practice (where he injured his finger in an attempted catch).
  • Took S and H to youth group.
  • Went to sushi with a smaller group, including C.
  • Went to a new frozen yogurt place.
  • Picked up kids from youth group.
  • Brought niece home.
  • Drove my sister to work when her vehicle broke down this morning (33 minute drive each way).
  • Picked up niece from preschool.
  • Went to the doctor for H's (sprained) ring finger.
  • Went to P.E. class at the park.
  • Looking forward to taking J to dance class this evening; O's coming with me so C can take S to a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) meeting as we're looking into that for her.

For some of you,  this is nothing.  Now, just to understand a bit about why I'm pretty wiped out, add to the mix anywhere between three and eight kids generally, in and out of the car at every stop.  This also includes one 6-month-old and all her gear.  She also includes stops on the side of the road for diaper changes and feedings when she just can't wait till the next stop.  In addition, we've still managed to complete school work every day in between all this -- with some pretty exciting a-ha! moments mixed in.

If you're not tired yet, please come visit New Mexico this time of year, just so you can get a taste of the weather in the Albuquerque region right now.  It's windy season.  Wind.  Desert sand.  Oh yeah, it's great walking around with grit in between my teeth and keeping track of sweatshirts kids are leaving like breadcrumbs everywhere we go.

If you're still not tired, please let me know when you have a day to volunteer and come help me out! Ha.

I've been in bed by 9:15pm almost every evening this week.  Crazy!

But, I can't help that I love my life right now.


  1. Hi! Sorry I haven't been very commenty. Yes, gas prices make me sad. :( $3.93 here (at least when I bought gas yesterday).

    I don't think that's "nothing" for anyone! And I follow another blogger who lives in Albuquerque and she was talking about the wind, too. It's super nice here today. SUPER NICE!! I would like to visit you guys in the spring when everything's blooming sometime. I guess that's like late March or April?

  2. Gas is running around $3.55 here, so I guess I really shouldn't complain. But with as much running as I do, we move through a tank pretty quickly. :)

    Usually things start blooming in mid-to-late-April. We learned in 2010, after our yard was complete, not to start planting things till after April 15. We had a nice warm spell that year in like March and so we got all excited and planted some vegetables. Then we got the final frost in early April and everything died. So now we usually make our anniversary the date when we can plant new stuff because it's pretty easy to remember that (April 18). Not that we do all that much planting. ;-)

    So anyway,late April is probably the best blooming time. But my all-time favorite time of year is still early autumn. Then you get Fiesta, too! But come any time, we love having you no matter the season.

  3. The "blooming" time bodes well for the planned visit Dad and I have! I'm excited!
    I don't envy the taxi service you manage. It is definitely harder with several kids.