Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just putting a little request out there for prayers for two of our kids who have some teeth stuff coming up this month.

Z has a "consult" with an orthodontist because of his under bite.  I don't know for sure if this will lead to braces or not, but at any rate, I am asking for prayers for wisdom about the situation and provision to cover the costs if it does.  Plus, considering how he's "taken care of" his new glasses (fyi, we've already had to send away for the warranty-covered replacement frames), I worry about his maturity for maintaining braces.

S has surgery scheduled for March 30th to have her wisdom teeth removed.  We had her consultation today with the oral surgeon and the poor girl was in tears when I read to her the risks involved with surgery and anesthesia.  I'd already done a great job spooking her about the procedure because of the complications I had after my surgery when I was 17.  (Bad, Mama!)  Then the consent form I had to sign just put her over the edge with anxiety.

I'm sure it'll be fine -- I mean, I had a hard time with dry sockets, etc., but I lived to tell about it!

Meanwhile, I'm just asking for prayers for S, that she is courageous and that of course, the surgery goes well without any complications.  I pray for her quick recovery.  I pray for provision to cover any costs not covered by insurance.

Also, I need prayers that childcare will be worked out for our other kids during each appointment, as well as our nieces that I would normally be watching at that time.

Thanks so much.


  1. Poor S :/ Remind her for me (as I'm sure you have already said) that this is a very common procedure that almost everyone has, and makes it through fine. It won't be as bad as she's fearing! I handled it, and I'm a weakling! The worst part is just how the pain meds make you nauseated. She'll be fine!

  2. I will give her the message. Overall, she's doing a bit better today (after reassurance from Daddy). :) I just tend to say things matter-of-factly ... I'm working on it. I just figured she is 16 and would want to know what I'm signing on her behalf. But maybe I should have just read quietly and signed without telling her. I don't know. Hindsight, right?

  3. Wow, you had dry sockets at 17? :( I am TERRIFIED of wisdom tooth surgery. I'll pray for her!

  4. Thank you!!

    Yes, I had dry sockets and lots of other gory details that go along with that whole mess. BUT, I'm the only person I know of who experienced complications. The oral surgeon was shocked as you are that I had them at 17 and he wanted the name of my surgeon (ha! 21 years later, like I remember). Anyway, it turns out there were some specific things that he believes the surgeon did wrong, from the way he does things now (though he's been practicing 30 years). Who knew? The important thing is that I survived the whole ordeal.

    FYI, S will be going fully under, even though that's not common anymore -- I approved it (that's how I had it done).

  5. Sorry about your dry sockets! I remember the Sunday we had to bring you in to the office because you were in so much pain. I don't remember who the oral surgeon was, either. I know that we were referred.
    My experiance went really well, after it was decided that I would go to the hospital. (My blood pressure was too erratic for the dentist's chair. I freaked when the needle was about to be inserted!) My only issue was I got strep throat afterwards.

    I'm praying for S and your needs, too.

    Love, Mom